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Eritrean Invent Lab-on-DVD Technology

HIV and other blood analysis testing is traditionally performed on machines that cost around $30,000, but  the Eritrean led team’s new DVD analysis tool could be produced for less than $200.

DVD player ilab scanner
Eritrean Prof. Aman Russom, invents use of an ordinary DVD player into a low cost, one-micrometer resolution lab scanner

By CapitalEritrea,

Professor Russom and a team of scientists from the School of Biotechnology at KTH in Stockholm modified a DVD player to perform blood tests, including a check for HIV.

The scientist and his research team converted a commercial DVD drive into a laser scanning microscope that can analyse blood and perform cellular imaging with one-micrometre resolution.

The breakthrough creates the possibility of an inexpensive and simple-to-use tool that could have far-reaching benefits in health care in developing countries such as Eritrea. Continue reading Eritrean Invent Lab-on-DVD Technology

Three New Mathematical Theorems Discovered by Eritrean High School Student

Maths Genius Saied Mohammed Ali receiving his Soira Award from President Afwerki


The International Journal of Mathematics Research (IJMR) has recognized and published three new mathematical theorems developed by an Eritrean high school student as new to Mathematics.

Saied Mohammed Ali, who was a student at the Warsay – Yekealo Senior Secondary School in Sawa back in 2010, was inspired to explore any possible means of converting the double and triple angle formulas that were used in trigonometry, a subject that mainly deals with angles, into side relationships. That led him to discover two new possible ways of conversion.  Continue reading Three New Mathematical Theorems Discovered by Eritrean High School Student