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Eritrea: Africa’s Economic Success Story

If a contrast is needed to be drawn between political freedom and economic independence in Eritrea, which one do you think should come first? 

A contrast between Liberal Democracy vs Economic freedom in Eritrea

By Daniela Kirkby,

Despite the Eritrean government’s indifference to the political wellbeing of its people  – in terms of democracy, the philosophy regarding the economic liberation of  Eritrea is noteworthy. The government’s perceived grasp on the “existing realities” and its  goal to become “equal partners with everybody” led Eritrea to having the  fastest growing economy in 2011, this according to ‘The World in 2011’ report  published by The Economist.1 In  2011 Eritrea’s economic growth rate was 17%, larger than that of Qatar and  Ghana.2 Continue reading Eritrea: Africa’s Economic Success Story