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ጉዳም “ማኒፈስቶ 2020 ምሁራንን ክኢላታትን ኤርትራውያን ዲያስፖራ”

Eritrean opposition Manifesto 2020
እቶም ኣብ መስመር ዘየለዉ: ሰብኣውን ፖለቲካዊን ማኒፌስቶ ብባጀላ ዱክትርና ከህጥሩ ዝፈተኑ 95 ዶክተራት: ስለ ህዝቦም እንታይ ይገብሩ ከም ዘለዉ ንዝሓትት ግሩህ ዜጋ እንታይ መልሲ ኮን ይህልዎም ይኸውን?

ሳምሶን ብርሃነ

ብ ዝሓለፈ ቅንያት ኣብ ማንዛዊ (virtual) መራኸቢታት ዝተኣከቡ ሰብ ባጅላ “ማኒፈስቶ 2020 ምሁራንን ክኢላታትን ኤርትራውያን ዲያስፖራ” ዝሰመይዎ፡ ቅድመ-ጥብቆ ዱክትርና (ፒኤችዲ) ኣቐሚጡ ዝርዝር ኣስማት 95 ሰባት ዘካተተ ጽሑፍ ዘርጊሖም ቀንዮም። Continue reading ጉዳም “ማኒፈስቶ 2020 ምሁራንን ክኢላታትን ኤርትራውያን ዲያስፖራ”

Ethiopia Orders “Eritrean Opposition” Parties Cease Anti-Eritrea Activities

The so-called “Eritrean Opposition” in Ethiopia told to ‘Stay put or Run’ ….


General Mesfin Amare, the head of Ethiopia’s Liaison Office for Eritrean Affairs, has informed Eritrean opposition parties based in Ethiopia that they must immediately end all political activities against the Eritrean government on its soil. Continue reading Ethiopia Orders “Eritrean Opposition” Parties Cease Anti-Eritrea Activities

You Are TPLF Woyane, Not ‘Eritrean Opposition’ 

The anti-Eritrean camp that operated as “Eritrean Opposition” is, in fact, anti-Eritrea because they stand against everything that Eritrea stands for.

If the so-called “Eritrean Opposition” speaks like TPLF woyane, acts like TPLF woyane and work like TPLF woyane, then they probably are TPLF woyane.


Between 1998-2000, over 80,000 Eritreans were forcibly evicted from their homes and deported from Ethiopia by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) [aka Woyane] in the most horrible ways. Children, elderly, and the very sick were forced to travel hundreds of kilometers via treacherous routs to be thrown away on the hottest parts of the world only because the minority regime from Tigray decided to teach Eritreans. Continue reading You Are TPLF Woyane, Not ‘Eritrean Opposition’ 

‘Eritrean Opposition’ and Ethiopia’s Fast Changing Politics

What does the future hold for the so-called ‘Eritrean opposition’ in the face of the current political reality and crisis in Ethiopia?

Their fate was sealed a long time ago.


Ethiopia’s political situation is deteriorating by the day. All indications reveal that EPRDF, the ruling party in Ethiopia is in crisis. Intra-party crisis (in fights) and external pressure (mass uprising) have shaken the grip of the EPRDF/TPLF, an organization that once seemed invincible. Grievances of marginalized communities have been seething for years, albeit disconnected and less organized. Continue reading ‘Eritrean Opposition’ and Ethiopia’s Fast Changing Politics

Beware of False Prophets፡ The Trade in the Name of Eritreans

Can any good for Eritrean people be found growing in the soil of our enemies? Beware of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Beware from those who thinks they are opponents first and Eritreans second.


Assuming that the people of Eritrea are unable to think and analyze things on its own, some conspirators have been engaging in incessant dissemination of venomous and distorted information about Eritrea. Accordingly, exposing the hidden characters of the opportunists and the messengers of destruction who are doing their business in the name of Eritreans has a significance of its own.

It is not necessary to tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it. The aim of this article is, however, to help clear things up for those who love the truth. For most of our history, silence has been our preferred response. But sometimes silence seems to be mistaken for compliance and on occasion times demand for the speaking of the whole truth. Continue reading Beware of False Prophets፡ The Trade in the Name of Eritreans

The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’

For a compulsive liar such as Amanuel Eyasu, even a generous sized ear won’t help to get the story right.

By Helen Berhe,

Amanuel Eyasu of Assena.com, embarrassed himself and his death wish followers for the fourth time after reporting a rumor that has never been a rumor to anyone but to himself. By now, everybody knows Amanuel Eyasu is very much obsessed with President Isaias’ health and rings the alarm bell whenever he missed him on the state television or on shabait.com for more than a week. Continue reading The Tale of a Death Wish ‘Journalist’