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Eritreans Deep Commitment to Martyrs Families

By Embassy Media,

Eritreans nationals residing in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle have donated a total of £17,705 and Mr. Petros Berhe Tesfay personally donated USD $1,000 respectively in support of martyr’s families as well as augment Martyrs Trust Fund.  Members of Young EPLF World-wide Pal-talk Room have donated £3,540 to martyrs families.

Eritreans citizens at individual levels and Eritrean communities in United Kingdom have been extending donations to augment the Martyrs Trust Fund. Continue reading Eritreans Deep Commitment to Martyrs Families

Eritrea – USA Relations Whence From?

Bizarre. The unprecedented hostility from U.S. State Department against the people of Eritrea, including the continued interference to the First Amendment rights of Eritrean Americans must be condemned and challenged.

By Berhane Alazar,

Although not exactly alarming anymore, the perpetuous actions the US have been actively taking against Eritrea and its people for some time now has been weird and perplexing to put it mildly. The latest silly action taken by certain US government officials against Eritrea over the weekend begs the question: “Why are some US policy makers acting and behaving like a headless chicken when it comes to Eritrea and the welfare of its citizens”? Continue reading Eritrea – USA Relations Whence From?

Eritrea: The Beginning of Reverse Migration?

Ask not what your country can do for you BUT What you can do for your country. Eight Eritrean international soccer stars return back to Eritrea to defend its World Cup qualifying match against Botswana.  

By Bereket Kidane,

With the international soccer stars coming back to their ancestral land to play for the Red Sea Camels, we may have just witnessed the beginning of reverse migration that we are sure going to see more of in the future. But don’t tell that to Mike Smith or Sheila Keetharuth. They will have you believe that the Government of Eritrea’s hands are long, and can reach the diaspora in Europe, North America, Middle East, Australia or wherever they may be. Continue reading Eritrea: The Beginning of Reverse Migration?

African Union’s Quest for Alternative Sources of Finance: Lessons from the Recovery and Rehabilitation Tax of Eritrea

To tap into contributions from African Diasporas might be the only viable, standalone alternative source of funding for AU

By Elias Begashaw,

The African Union has been struggling to find adequate finance to pay for its activities for as long as its existence. The annual contributions from the Member States only cover a fraction of its expenses. Up to 96% of the programme budget of the organs of the Union is hence covered by donations from external sources.

There is consensus that the existing model of financing is unpredictable and exposes the union to undue external interferences. Accordingly, the need to secure “adequate, reliable and predictable financing” has been on the agenda since the days of the OAU.

Over the years, a plethora of alternative sources of finance, ranging from levy on insurance premiums to tax on SMS, have been considered. Several meetings were held at different levels to identify the best proposals. Continue reading African Union’s Quest for Alternative Sources of Finance: Lessons from the Recovery and Rehabilitation Tax of Eritrea

Democratic Movement or Thuggery?

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Mahatma Gandhi

‘Democratic terrorism’ on display. The indomitable spirit of the Eritrean diaspora will never be dampened by TPLF sponsored thugs. Three Eritrean Community Centers in Sweden fire bombed.

By Samson Tesfamichael,

Time and time again the so called Eritrean off-position club taking desperate measures,  the breaking-into diplomatic offices, burning down of community centres, snatching earrings from elderly mothers of the people they claim they care so much is a travesty democratic change demands.  Continue reading Democratic Movement or Thuggery?

Bereket Simon Terrified by Shaebia’s “Hade Libi – Hade Hzbi” Slogan. Why?

“Hade Libi – Hade Hzbi” slogan is the imaginative conception of the Eritrean people, the first movement of our revolution, and the cultural and political expression of our experience that brings peace and harmony.” – Mabrhatu Asfaha

Political novices like Bereket Simon and Amb.  McMullen failed to divide the cohesion of Eritreans for their misunderstanding of the concept behind the Hade Hzbi- Hade Libi slogan

By Mebrahtu Asfaha,

Ethiopian’s Head of Government Communication Office Mr. Bereket Simon, in his recent paltalk discussion with Eritrean opposition, and Semrr Youth group characterized the linguistic and practical significance of the Eritrean notion of Hade Libi – Hade Hzbi’ as “Shaebia’s propaganda”.

In the spirit of fairness, before him, incomparably better and more thorough is the attempt by former United States ambassador to Eritrea, Ambassador Ronald K. McMullen, to write the political culture of Eritrea embodied in the Wikileaks documentsContinue reading Bereket Simon Terrified by Shaebia’s “Hade Libi – Hade Hzbi” Slogan. Why?