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Eritrea and its Riders: The Next Big Thing?

Eritrean riders expected to repeat their dominance in this year’s African Cycling Continental Championship that will be held right in Eritrea from 8th to 13th of November 2011

By Pierre Carrey,

On 30 January, a historic moment in world cycling occurred at the Tropicale Amissa Bongo race in Gabon. During the last stage of the traditionally gentle season opening event, an mature rider from sub-Saharan Africa defeated an experienced professional. It was perhaps even an inaugural entry in road cycling’s annals. Just after the last corner, Eritrean riders Natnael Berhane launched an inextinguishable sprint that Quick step’s fast finishers Jerome Pineau couldn’t match.

While his arrival, 10 years his junior, was being carried by the crowed in the streets of Libreville, Pineau was gracious in defeat. “Either we play the game by coming here and taking the risk to be beaten or we stay at home….” He said. “I am even very happy to be defeated by an Eritrean rider. That’s a nice symbolContinue reading Eritrea and its Riders: The Next Big Thing?