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Eritrean Gazelles: Once Lost, and Now Found in Their Namesake Country

This species that bears Eritrea’s name hasn’t been seen in Eritrea since 1930s.

The Eritrean Gazelle (Eudorcas tilonura), was an endangered gazelle species that reappeared recently in Eritrea out of thin air.


Like a mirage in the desert, a long-missing gazelle species has reappeared as if from thin air in Eritrea. The Eritrean Gazelle (Eudorcas tilonura) also known as Heuglin’s Gazelle is an endangered species that lives within the horn of Africa, primarily along the Nile River. But for more than 80 years, no Eritrean Gazelles had been reported in Eritrea. Continue reading Eritrean Gazelles: Once Lost, and Now Found in Their Namesake Country

Securing Biodiversity through Protecting Areas

The project aims at establishing management systems for protected areas and contribute to restoration of the ecosystem, and securing the long-term survival of Eritrea’s globally significant biodiversity.


Eritrea houses a large variety of globally significant biodiversity. With a newly launched project, GEF, UNDP and the Government is increasing efforts to protect these valuable natural resources.

The project initiation workshop took place on the 22nd of July, with the ultimate objective to establish national conservation areas covering nearly one million hectares of currently un-protected terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Continue reading Securing Biodiversity through Protecting Areas

Eritrea: The Young Nation with Numerous Attractions

Romanesque style St Joseph's Cathedral - Asmara

By Seare Habtemichael,

Eritrea – a young nation, yet possessing evidences of ancient civilization; a heritage that dates back to the creation of human kind gifted with fascinating features of land. Moving colors of culture, a wonderland of pleasure and a magic sea of adventure; a coastal line most suitable to scuba diving, not to mention swimming and rafting; a desert attractive for  camel rides in the bright moonlight of the summer night; a fascinating countryside of landscape and vegetation, permanently forest and green; challenging mountains and slopes, risky cliffs and dykes attractive to climbers; an ideal  land of explorers, the dreamland of all visitors; an enchanted land that is simply magnificent with a breathtaking highland; refreshing beaches of the tropical paradise; spectacular coral garden of the underworld heaven. Continue reading Eritrea: The Young Nation with Numerous Attractions