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Justice and The Horn of Africa

Samantha Power on U.S. Horn of Africa policy
Frequent US pronouncements of wanting to “promote improved relations and greater peace and stability” in the horn of Africa region rings rather hollow and flagrantly contradict its rhetoric.

By Fikrejesus Amhazion (PhD),

In one of his debates with Socrates, Thrasymachus alleges that “justice is nothing else than the interest of the stronger.” Shifting thousands of miles away and thousands of years forward from ancient Greece, recent events at the United Nations seem to aptly reflect his point.

Specifically, last week, Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press revealed that Egypt, the next president of the UN Security Council, proposed a Council trip to Somalia, Egypt, and Eritrea. However, the US balked at the inclusion of Eritrea – according to Inner City Press, the US “does not want a Council trip to include Eritrea,” – leading to the likelihood that the visit to Eritrea will be dropped. Continue reading Justice and The Horn of Africa