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Eritrea is a Blessed Nation

Eritreans turned all the negative schemes that aimed to instill fear, doubt and frustrations into enlightening and empowering force and, turned it back on them.

What does not kill you only makes you stronger

By Amanuel Biedemariam,

A friend once told me that Eritrea is like a beautiful young lady that all men drool over. If there is one thing the last 21 years of Eritrean independence affirmed, Eritrea truly is the beautiful precious gem that the world is drooling over like obsessed stalker 24/7.

Examples are aplenty, but regardless, the owners of this gem, the people of Eritrea, know well that the gem is their gem to enjoy. And they are willing to sacrifice to make sure that this precious gem is safe and, sound.  Continue reading Eritrea is a Blessed Nation