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Guaranteeing Signs of Market Stability in Eritrea

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Following the introduction the new Nakfa currency notes, markets in Eritrea reflects a sharp decline in the prices of most consumable goods and other agricultural products. What additional measures should put in place to maintain the current market stability?

By Yosief Abraham Z.,

Following to the declaration of the redemption for Nakfa currency in the fall of last year, the markets in Eritrea have come with new notions of positive remarks. The sharp fall in the prices of consumable goods and other agricultural products have been appealingly magnetizing, and attracts the concern of different quarters.

The first notion which is undeniable is why such immunity in over-inflated market prices has started taking positive direction. In the first place, the limited circulation in the liquidity of money has its own impacts. And stemmed from this, traders who have been the main drivers of the inflation swing has been enforced to deal with the new market notions properly. In fact, the market in Eritrea had been under active guidance of speculators and their collaborators who exploited the market in skewed manner. Continue reading Guaranteeing Signs of Market Stability in Eritrea