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“World Need to Share Eritrea’s Recipe of Unity, Equality and Dividend of Peace” – UNDSG

“There are countries that have done none with more opportunities. But Eritrea with its own resources is doing a lot on development. I am excited because I’m witnessing the real Eritrea, not Eritrea on Social Media” – Ms. Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary General


A joint high-level UN-AU delegation, led by Deputy Secretary General Ms. Amina Mohammed, made a two-day work visit to Eritrea as part of a series of visits to neighboring countries of the Horn.

During its stay, the high-level delegation met with the President, the Ministers of Justice, National Development, Information, Labor and Social Welfare and the President of the National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW). Continue reading “World Need to Share Eritrea’s Recipe of Unity, Equality and Dividend of Peace” – UNDSG

Eritrea – A Confident Nation

Eritrea’s time tested values and principles are the qualities that give all the confidence.

Eritreans reliance in themselves has finally paid off, and Eritrea today is a nation marching ahead in all fields. It takes courage, though, to take such path … a path only a confident nation can undertake.


As Eritreans around the world celebrate their country’s 26th Independence Anniversary, it is the realization of what they have been able to achieve, against all odds and despite extreme hostilities, which will inspire and boost confidence in the young nation’s future. Continue reading Eritrea – A Confident Nation

Delivering Together for Eritrea’s Development and Self-Reliance

By Eritrea Embassy Media,

On Monday February 6, 2017, Ms. Christine Umutoni, the UN Resident / Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Eritrea, on a visit to the UK, led a discussion forum hosted by the Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the United Kingdom & Ireland under the theme “Delivering Together for Eritrea’s Development & Self-Reliance”.

Ms. Umutoni shared her experiences and observations about working with the people and Government of the state of Eritrea in its development policies. Continue reading Delivering Together for Eritrea’s Development and Self-Reliance

The Political and Economic Similarities of Singapore, Cuba and Eritrea

Criticizing Eritrea for absence of free market economy is like tying a boxer’s hand behind his back, throwing him into the ring, and blaming him for losing.

The political and economic differences are obvious but their similarities can also be summed up as being founded and led by corruption-free leaders who live and have lived a simple life.

By George F Tesfa,

Although each of these countries has a unique path of development from their founding, the political ideologies of their founding fathers are similar, to the point of being identical: equal access to education, health care, housing, and clean water through state ownership of most of the economy.

In the pre-Cold War era, this ideology was known as socialism. In fact, to this day, these three countries are, for the most part, following socialist policies, while acknowledging the role of the free market, or laissez-faire economic policy, unlike communist countries in the past. Continue reading The Political and Economic Similarities of Singapore, Cuba and Eritrea

Eritrea’s 2014 Economic Outlook

Eritrea is currently not well-integrated into global value chains, but there is potential for an increased internationalisation of production and trade for mineral and agrofood exports

By African Development Bank Group,

ERITREA has faced considerable challenges over the years, including variable climate conditions. This has been compounded by restrictive economic policies, political isolation, a significant decline in remittances and scarcity of foreign exchange.

Reflecting these factors, estimated real GDP growth for 2013 fell sharply to 1.1% from 7% the previous year and is projected to increase marginally to 1.9% in 2014.  Continue reading Eritrea’s 2014 Economic Outlook

To UN: The Word is Demarcate not Intimidate

Today is the 11th anniversary of the Ethio-Eritrea border ruling. Occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory must end!

By Aman Nebiat,

Here we go again; it’s that time of the year.

In the last few weeks leading up to the 12th year anniversary of the Algiers agreement and 10th year of the EEBC anniversary, instead of defending justice and upholding the Rule of Law, the dogs and haters are back on the bandwagon of attacking and blackmailing Eritrea.

Recently, there was news that a female Eritrean Air force member defected to Saudi Arabia when she was supposedly sent to “bring back President Isaias Afwerki’s hijacked PRIVATE jet” and now out of all the good news that comes out of Eritrea daily, we are told instead that a well known former fighter and painter Michael Adonai has just left the country of course for no other reasons “No free press, no elections and worsening political climate in Eritrea”.  Continue reading To UN: The Word is Demarcate not Intimidate

Eritrea Brings Life to the Horn

Eritrea’s road to development has finally kicked off

By Ambassador Iqbal Jhazbhay,

It’s been a year since my appointment as South Africa’s ambassador to Eritrea, which seems an appropriate point to reflect on my experience and the tentative conclusions I have reached concerning the country’s potential.

Firstly, as an untapped frontier, with the right investment and development partners, Eritrea will be a changed country within the next three decades.

Secondly, as an African country in which South African businesses are making inroads, and are willing to stay the course despite external pressure, Eritrea can play a pivotal role in the Horn of Africa’s stability.  Continue reading Eritrea Brings Life to the Horn