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A Glimpse to the Official Silver Jubilee Eritrea Independence Day Ceremony

Silver Jubilee Eritrea
24th May 2016. The official Silver Jubilee Independence Day Ceremony. (Photo: Eritrea Profile, Vol. 23 No. 24)

By Shabait,

It was Tuesday morning, after a long night celebrating the eve of the Independence Day, the streets of Asmara were quite, people take the time to finally meet and enjoy breakfast together. Soon after, men and women start to get ready for the official ceremony of Eritrea’s Silver Jubilee Anniversary. The 25th anniversary has finally arrived. This special anniversary has been celebrated for the whole month of May in great zeal throughout the country, featuring art performances, music, drama, carnival, sport competitions as well as social gatherings in all cities. Continue reading A Glimpse to the Official Silver Jubilee Eritrea Independence Day Ceremony

Things are Very Different in Eritrea than Other Places I Visited: BBC Reporter

BBC Reporter Mary Harper says in Eritrea things are very different than other African places she visited and admits  it is quite the opposite what media mostly trying to portray about the country.

By BBC Africa Today,

Hello and welcome to the Africa Today podcast from the BBC at 1800 GMT and I am David Amanor, the Tuesday 24th May 2016.

In today’s program, big celebration in Asmara as Eritreans celebrates their 25 years of independence. The territory was colonized by Italy in 1890 but handed to Ethiopia after the Second World War. That preceded to a 30 year long war for independence where Eritrea stood virtually alone. Continue reading Things are Very Different in Eritrea than Other Places I Visited: BBC Reporter

President Isaias’ Silver Jubilee Independence Day Speech

Dear Participants,

Allow me to congratulate the people of Eritrea everywhere as well as the friends who stood on the side of, and extended their solidarity to, the liberation struggle and independence of the Eritrean people.

Let me further express our profound gratitude to all our compatriots who have come from abroad to amplify the significance of this auspicious moment, as well as to foreign and domestic artists, athletes, youth, students and children who have made tremendous efforts, under the coordination of the Commission of Culture and Sports, to present spectacular shows.

What is the significance of 25 years or quarter of century of “resilience and development”? Where did we start from; in which place? And, where are we going?

Where did we start from; where are we and where could we have been; what is the trajectory of our future progress? How do we conduct resistance and development? Why does that succeed? How did we achieve independence? How do we defend and build it? All these questions/issues impinge and define the contours of our road-map. In this perspective, I will give a bird’s eye view without going into minute details. Continue reading President Isaias’ Silver Jubilee Independence Day Speech

Inside Eritrea: Bras, Biros and Backward Shoes in War Exhibit

By BBC News,

Eritreans are celebrating 25 years of independence, which they gained on 24 May 1991.
The Eritreans – who fought a 30-year war for independence against the far larger and better-equipped Ethiopian army – are in celebratory mood, despite the country being criticised by human rights groups for its lack of democracy, free press and forced conscription. Continue reading Inside Eritrea: Bras, Biros and Backward Shoes in War Exhibit

Eritrea: Existence and Independence

The secret of Eritrea’s existence and independence holds four strong pillars: courage, determination, perseverance and readiness for sacrifice. Eritreans are deservedly celebrating their independent existence.

By Sesin Seyoum,

Number one priority in life is existence and to exist; one has to survive by coping with all the ups, downs, danger and hardship life brings. Existence is above everything as it’s when we exist have being and we can live. Human beings are equipped with wisdom, patience and internal strength to survive as well as continue to exist; but they have to be able to unlock those resources. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years carry with them different kinds of circumstances while humans equally create methods and approaches to help them deal with any eventualities – some successfully and others maybe unsuccessfully. We read situations differently and we can sometimes be swayed by sudden and changing situations. But it’s our internal strength that can help us convert situations to our advantage. Continue reading Eritrea: Existence and Independence

Eritrea: A Look Back at the Battle of Afabet

During the Silver Jubilee Anniversary month, it is important to commemorate all of the great battles that took place during the armed struggle for independence. The Battle of Afabet (also known as the Demise of the Nadew Command) that took place in 1988 was a huge victory for the Eritrean Liberation fighters besides being a watershed battle in the Eritrean War for Independence that paved the way for Eritrea’s total liberation three years later.


It was at Adi Shirum that the outcome of Eritrea’s thirty-year Armed Struggle for Independence was decided in March 1988. The total liberation of Eritrea did not happen for another three years, but the Battle of Afabet was the moment the War of Independence’s ending became clear to both the colonial Ethiopian Army and the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF). Continue reading Eritrea: A Look Back at the Battle of Afabet

Understanding #EritreaAt25: A Crash Course on the A, B, C’s (Part-2)

Here is a second part of the “crash course” series on the “A, B, C’s” of Eritrea, detailing some basics about the country, both to clear up misconceptions and provide a small glimpse about the importance of 25th Independence anniversary.

By Fikrejesus Amahazion (PhD),

Eritrea is on the verge of turning 25. The Independence Torch is winding its way across the country, attracting large, enthusiastic, boisterous crowds and building up anticipation, while small towns and cities are busily and eagerly preparing for the celebration.

For decades, both during the protracted armed struggle and since the country’s unlikely independence, a broad array of analysts, commentators, and observers have inundated us with myopic, inaccurate, bleak, sensationalist, and politically-driven reports, analyses, and condemnations contending that Eritrea: would become (or is) a failed state; is too small or weak to be viable; is on the cusp of demise or implosion (e.g. “it’s going to blow”); is an isolated, hermit kingdom; and is a type of hell on earth. Continue reading Understanding #EritreaAt25: A Crash Course on the A, B, C’s (Part-2)

Violence in Tel Aviv as 1000s Celebrate Eritrean Independence

Violence breaks out as a handful of anti-government groups tried to gain access to the convention center where thousands of Eritrean migrants gathered to celebrate their country’s 25th independence day.

By David Rosenberg,

Violence broke out as thousands of illegal immigrants from Eritrean gathered on Friday at the Tel Aviv Convention Center to celebrate 25 years since their country gained independence.

The event, which was organized by the Eritrean embassy in Israel, drew supporters of the Eritrean government, while opponents of the current regime protested outside. Witnesses say brawls between pro- and anti-government Eritreans broke out near the entrance of the Convention Center. Continue reading Violence in Tel Aviv as 1000s Celebrate Eritrean Independence