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Eritrea Trade With COMESA Set to Rise

As one of the founding member states, Eritrea imposed an 80% tax reduction for all intra-COMESA trade activities and currently, 13% of Eritrea’s total trade exchange associated with COMESA member states


THE stage has been set for a rise in COMESA trade with Eritrea following a successful capacity building programme that presented to stakeholders, the opportunities prevalent in the region for Eritrean firms.

The training which served as an eye opener for business stakeholders in the country was conducted in Asmara last month by a team from the Secretariat comprising Tasara Muzorori, Senior Trade Officer; Zerezghi Kidane, Senior Customs Affairs Officer; Helen Kenani, Trade Policy Expert; and Anthony Walakira, ADP Eurotrace Expert.  Continue reading Eritrea Trade With COMESA Set to Rise