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Ethiopia Starts Rationing Electricity for Homes and Industries

Electricity blackout is back in Ethiopia
Electricity blackout is back. Ethiopian consumers face blackouts for several hours daily — cement and steel firms will operate fewer shifts — electricity exports suspended to neighboring Djibouti and Sudan.


Ethiopia has started to ration electricity for domestic and industrial customers after a drop in water levels in hydroelectric dams led to a production deficit, the minister for water and electricity, Sileshe Getahun, said on Friday. Continue reading Ethiopia Starts Rationing Electricity for Homes and Industries

Hirgigo Power Plant Resumes 24-hr Power Supply

The plant starts providing uninterrupted electric power supply after undergoing plant expansion program worth $98.6m.

Sporadic power supply is now a thing of the past. The current output capacity has been upgraded from 84 MW to 132 MW.


A project worth 98.6 million Dollars has been implemented to augment the electric power supply by 60%.

The project that was implemented by the Chinese SFECO Company will upgrade the electric power supply by 46 mega watts. Continue reading Hirgigo Power Plant Resumes 24-hr Power Supply

Kenya’s Reprisals Against Ethiopia

Kenya’s relations with Ethiopia is getting less harmonious recently due to Ethiopia’s repeated incursions into Kenyan territory in complete disregard to the country’s sovereignty

By African Intelligence,

UNDERMINED by the incursion of the Ethiopian army into Kenyan territory in late May (at the Illeret locality, 15 km from the border), relations between Kenya and Ethiopia could deteriorate even further.

The Kenyan government has decided to break the agreement signed with Ethiopia in 2012 under which Kenya undertook to import some 400 MW of electricity for a period of 30 years, after the Gilgel Gibe III dam (southwest Ethiopia) is completed next year.  Continue reading Kenya’s Reprisals Against Ethiopia

Addis Abeba’s Power Outages Won’t be Solved Soon

PLAGUED BY POWER OUTAGES. In 2009, less than 10% of Ethiopians had access to electricity. In 2013, only 23% have access to electricity. This leaves the remaining 67 million out of the 87 million population to live a life in darkness.

By ESAT News,

THE power outages and shortage in Addis Abeba is making the lives of many people difficult that many people are being forced to dump the dough they have prepared for bakery due to sudden power disruptions.

The staff and vehicles of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation often get attacked by angry citizens, experts working in the Corporation said. Continue reading Addis Abeba’s Power Outages Won’t be Solved Soon

Eritrea’s Electric Power Challenges

Eritrea’s challenges to energy security is related to its low national income, challenging physical terrain, and post-war infrastructural destruction. Despite all that, 35% of Eritrean population have access to electricity. By comparison, figures across the East African region shows Ethiopia at 23%, Kenya at 18%, Uganda at 8.5%, and Sudan at 36%

By Berhane Woldu,

AT a conference in Asmara, a person in the audience got up and decried the fact that there is acute power problem. The person’s concern was that the City of Asmara was becoming prone to blackouts, the inconveniences of the shortage of light and the use of surfing the internet. I was taken aback by the question and had wanted the person to sit down; but being rational and on topic was the way out. It means that recognizing that the question of power isn’t a moral issue. It is financial, environmental and technical.  Continue reading Eritrea’s Electric Power Challenges

President Guelleh Puts Himself Under Ethiopia’s Protection

President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh (IOG) needs an Ethiopian umbrella to guarantee his immunity from the turbulent time in store for him in 2016

By African Intelligence,

THE plan for economic integration devised by Djibouti and neighbouring Ethiopia could ultimately lead to a kind of political unification between the two countries. During the last few weeks, certain Ethiopian dignitaries have hinted at it and one of them even went so far as to utter “a single country with two chiefs”.

Ethiopian desire to secure its Djibouti port outlet is nothing new and some people in Addis Ababa have been talking about “an obligatory merger” with Djibouti for years. So far this trend has been latent but is now coming into the fore, because President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh (IOG) needs an Ethiopian umbrella in various sectors, including that of guaranteeing his immunity when he is no longer in power.  Continue reading President Guelleh Puts Himself Under Ethiopia’s Protection

Eritrea – Sudan Power Interconnection Project to Commence

The $70m Sudan-Eritrea power transmission project have a considerable impact on the two countries; economically and socially

By TesfaNews,

The Governments of Eritrea and Sudan will soon commence the construction of a 340Km, 220 KV double circuit power transmission line from Sudan to Eritrea.

According to document released by COMESA, the $70M power Interconnector project will link Sudanese town Kessela with Eritrean towns of Tesseney, Barentu, Agordet, Keren and when feasible, to Asmara.

The two countries also agreed to set up a Steering Committee (SC) to facilitate the establishment of project management teams as well as appoint a joint Project Coordinator.  Continue reading Eritrea – Sudan Power Interconnection Project to Commence

Djibouti to stop Dependence on Ethiopia’s Electricity

Djibouti pays US$18 million for power imports from neighbouring Ethiopia at 70 dollar cents for a kilowatt hour (KWh)

By Reuters,

The small African nation of Djibouti will invest $31 million in geothermal power plants to cut reliance on imported electricity from neighbouring Ethiopia, officials said.

The country in the Horn of Africa has a population of less than a million people and peak demand of 70 megawatts of electricity, 65 percent of which comes through a line connecting the Djiboutian grid with that of Ethiopia, said Djama Ali Guelleh, director of electricity. Continue reading Djibouti to stop Dependence on Ethiopia’s Electricity