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Controlling Africa with Western “Democracy”

Western style “democracy” is destroying Africa. If you ask almost all Africans what they want most from their leaders they will tell you enough food to eat, clean water to drink, a roof over their heads, accessible and affordable medical care, and education for their children. Elections are way down on the list of grassroots African priorities.

By Thomas C Mountain,

The west uses “democracy”, as in elections, to control Africa. This has resulted in over half a century of murder and mayhem because all but one African country is a mixture of different ethnicity’s and nationalities with tribalism dominant in African societies.

Elections mean tribal winners and tribal losers and no in between, or consensus based governance. This has been a recipe for disaster, as in tribal conflict, since the end of direct western colonial rule and the imposition of neocolonialism after WW2. Continue reading Controlling Africa with Western “Democracy”

Ethiopia: “Double Digit” Economic Growth – Reality Check

Ethiopia’s annual harvest of shame. How the current starvation of 15 million Ethiopians unravel the deception of Ethiopia’s “double digit” economic miracle. Famine doesn’t give a hoot to the regime’s cooked rosy statistics nor does to its western media propagandists.

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

The minority regime in Ethiopia and its handlers have tried to hoodwink the Ethiopian people and the international community by misrepresenting facts about the country and its economy. With the western media in tow, Ethiopia’s leaders reported “double digit” economic growth in Ethiopia and labeled it “one of Africa’s top performing economies”. Continue reading Ethiopia: “Double Digit” Economic Growth – Reality Check

Ethiopians Embarrassed by Ruling Party’s Landslide Victory

Ethiopia’s ruling regime demonstrates its contempt over its people by showing them that, “elections” are not about people’s rule but about ruling people. For that, it rigged last week’s “election” like a two-bit carnival game.

By TesfaNews,

NOTHING is further from the truth and all Ethiopians know it. The flawlessly organised election robbery that took place in Ethiopia on May 24 is now concluded with the unpopular ruling EPRDF party wining by a landslide .

Over 37 million registered voters out of the 96 million people reportedly cast their ballots in the said parliamentary and regional election.

Based on preliminary results that was released yesterday by the country’s electoral board, the highly unpopular ruling EPRDF and its affiliate parties so far won all of the 442 declared seats, leaving the opposition empty-handed.  Continue reading Ethiopians Embarrassed by Ruling Party’s Landslide Victory

Keeping Ethiopians in Perpetual Poverty, Starvation is Key EPRDF Policy, Says Ex Communications Minister

There are too many unknown unknowns about the inner workings and hidden crimes committed by the TPLF aginst the Ethiopian mass. Unfortunately, those who know the unknown unknowns do not talk and those who talk do not know any… Well, that was until Ermias Legesse, Ex-Communication Minister (Deputy to Bereket Simon) started to talk some of the unknown unknowns.

By Ethiomedia,

KEEPING Ethiopians in dire poverty so that they would starve perpetually, and remain too weak to rise up against repression, is one of the leading directives of the EPRDF ruling party, former EPRDF communications minister, Ermias Legesse, shocked a gathering of Ethiopians here in Seattle on November 1, 2014.

Fueling unrest and conflict among the various ethnic groups was also another key directive, Ermias said, mentioning other directives of the ruling party that may easily qualify as ‘crimes against humanity.’

Once a trusted political cadre of the ruling party, Ermias said they were given various directives how to work with ‘security workers’ of the regime, and eliminate young and rising opposition figures, including using the “anti-terrorism law” that has sent many of the promising opposition leaders to prison. Continue reading Keeping Ethiopians in Perpetual Poverty, Starvation is Key EPRDF Policy, Says Ex Communications Minister

Ugandan President Fires Prime Minister Mbabazi

President Museveni abolished the term limit from the constitution so that he can run for president for the fourth time in 2016. In doing so, he started to eliminate those who can pose real threat to his bid to become President for another 5 more years after being in power since 1986.  Election Violence 2016 starts to take shape. 

By TesfaNews,

UGANDAN President Yoweri Museveni has sacked Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, a State House statement said here on Friday.

The statement said that Mbabazi has been replaced by Ruhakana Rugunda*, minister of health.

“By virtue of the powers vested in the President of the Republic of Uganda by article 108A(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, I have, with immediate effect, decided to appoint Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda as the new Prime Minister of Uganda,” Museveni said according to the statement.  Continue reading Ugandan President Fires Prime Minister Mbabazi

Ethiopian Regime a Step Away From Its Own Grave

The government is merely a servant―merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them” – Mark Twain

Time for the minority regime in Ethiopia to reap what it saw

By Yosef Tesfasilas,

UNFORTUNATELY, the Ethiopian Woyane regime has never been a servant to Ethiopians but a totalitarian regime who has been on a mission for the last several decades to bring a totality of terror not only in Ethiopia but also in Horn of Africa as well. For the last several decades, slowly but surely, the regime has been putting nails on its own coffin. Time has arrived for the regime to put the ‘the last nail on its coffin’.

Since the helm of the regime, it has been a catalytic burner in producing tribal conflicts, religious conflicts, ethnic cleansing, genocide, border disputes, land grabbing and etc. Continue reading Ethiopian Regime a Step Away From Its Own Grave

Ethiopia: Drama as Police Discover Bombs at Busy Market Place

It was business as usual for the people while police removes “dangerous explosives” in Addis Ababa on 22 August 2013. (Pic by Minilik Salsawi)

By Getahune Bekele,

According to eye witnesses whom the Horn Times spoke to, this pictured police officer first picked the two harmless bombs but a colleague shouted at him to place them back under an Isuzu van reg. number, code 3-73189.  Continue reading Ethiopia: Drama as Police Discover Bombs at Busy Market Place

Divide and Rule; Western “Democracy” in Africa

‘Elections’ in African Democracy is becoming a do-or-die affair

By Thomas C Mountain,

Divide and rule is a law of imperialism and western style “democracy” is how imperialism implements this law in neocolonial Africa. It’s called “elections” and with it’s winner take all diktats division, conflict, ethnic cleansing, mass murder and civil war are the results.

Traditionally in Africa’s villages decisions and conflict resolution takes place using a consensus system with no absolute winners and losers, with all parties agreeing to the final decision and honor bound to carry it out. Just the opposite of what happens after “elections” in “democratic Africa”.  Continue reading Divide and Rule; Western “Democracy” in Africa