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Al-Sisi: Egypt Seeking No War with Sudan or Ethiopia

“I say this to our brothers in Sudan and Ethiopia: Egypt doesn’t conspire. We don’t conspire, neither do we meddle in the internal affairs of anyone and we are very, very keen to have a very good relationship”

“We are not willing to enter into war with our brothers or with anyone …” – President El-Sisi


Egypt neither interferes nor conspires against any other country, said President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in a press conference on Monday, amid tensions between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan.

“It (Egypt) adopts a steady policy of building, developing and constructing,” Sisi added in a speech during the inauguration of projects in some governorates via video conference on Monday. “All nations of the region are in need to move away from the policy of war and conflicts…Egypt will never fight against neighbors. We practice peace in attitudes towards and relations the others,” he affirmed. Continue reading Al-Sisi: Egypt Seeking No War with Sudan or Ethiopia

The Damnation of Ethiopia by the TPLF

The so-called Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a highly politicized prestige project of the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia that Egypt condemned it as a total and complete existential threat to its water security. President El-Sisi made it clear recently that Egypt won’t negotiate on a matter of life and death. But what exactly is he trying to tell his “Ethiopian brothers” when he says “they want to live as we want to live”? If we don’t live, the don’t live?!

By Alemayehu G. Mariam,

Last week, before the ink had dried on the “new agreement” on the so-called Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Egyptian President General Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi told Egyptians during the inauguration of a national farmland project, “I totally understand the concern of Egyptians as water is a matter of life or death. We already agree with our brothers [the Ethiopians] that they want to live as we want to live. I have not led you astray before and I will not lead you astray now.

Is that military-speak for something?  Continue reading The Damnation of Ethiopia by the TPLF

Egypt’s El-Sisi Wins 94% of Expat Votes: Officials

Although El-Sisi told Egyptians it could take “20 to 25 years to achieve true democracy”, with a failing economy, sporadic unrest and militant attacks, many voters in this country of 86 million people will settle for just stability than democracy.

The next Pharaoh? Egypt’s Sisi set to cruise to election victory

By Press TV,

EGYPT’s election officials say former army chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has won over 94 percent of the expat votes in the country’s presidential election.

On Wednesday, Egypt’s Supreme Presidential Election Commission confirmed that former army chief, el-Sisi, has won the majority of the expatriate votes in the country’s presidential election.

The commission confirmed Sisi’s landslide victory over his main rival, Hamdeen el-Sabahi, saying that Sisi has claimed over 94 percent of the expatriate votes.

The commission also announced that over 300,000 Egyptians cast their ballots at polling stations overseas. The expatriates were allowed to vote without prior registration.  Continue reading Egypt’s El-Sisi Wins 94% of Expat Votes: Officials