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Ethiopia, Egypt Dam Feud Drags on

Compromise or stop talking. While Sudan keep dragging the meeting, Ethiopia continued building the dam at a rate that outpaced the ten rounds of failed talks. Let Egypt take into account the legitimate aspiration of the Ethiopian people in development, and let Ethiopia take into account Egypt’s rights as the Nile is virtually their only source of water.

By Ayah Aman,

Negotiations between Cairo, Addis Ababa and Khartoum have entered a decisive stage in which the parties must express their final stance concerning the controversy and disagreement caused by Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam, which threatens Egypt’s annual share of the Nile waters. Meetings involving the parties’ foreign affairs and water ministers have intensified, as Ethiopia and Egypt are preparing by finding alternatives that speed up the implementation of the studies should the feud deepen and the negotiations fall through.  Continue reading Ethiopia, Egypt Dam Feud Drags on