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Eritrea – EU Cooperation: History & Perspectives

EU Cooperation with Eritrea
“The European Union’s partnership with Eritrea is one that is based on mutual understanding and a joint ambition of working towards common long-term interests … and its overall objective is to improve livelihoods of the Eritrean population through poverty reduction and elimination so that Eritrea can achieve sustainable social and economic development.” – Ambassador Christian Manahl

By Ambassador Christian Manahl | Head of the EU Delegation to Eritrea,

Europe Day, celebrated annually on 9 May, marks the anniversary of French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman’s call on the nations of Europe to unite in order to make war among them impossible. His speech marked the beginning of European integration that eventually led to the creation of today’s European Union. Beginning of May is therefore an apt time to recognise the European Unions’ cooperation not only among its own member states, but with its many partners across the world, including Eritrea, and to celebrate the successes that this cooperation has achieved and will continue to achieve in years come. Continue reading Eritrea – EU Cooperation: History & Perspectives

Ethiopian Prime Minister Advised to Mind His Own Business

The marionette Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalew

By TesfaNews,

Hailemariam Desalegn, the marionette prime minister of Ethiopia, has been advised to mind his own business after it has been noted for trying in vain to chastise a visiting European Union Ambassador for maintaining a cooperation framework with Eritrea.

In the middle of his dialogue last week about Article Eight of the Cotonou Agreement with Ambassador Chantal Hebberecht in Addis Ababa, the Prime Minister delved into an embarrassing diatribe against EU’s recent decision for the extension of the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) cycle to Eritrea.  Continue reading Ethiopian Prime Minister Advised to Mind His Own Business

Eritrea and EU Poised to Sign 11th EDF Cooperation Agreement

EU set to approve the 11th EDF (2014-2020) to Eritrea

By TesfaNews,

THE European Union and the State of Eritrea are inching closer to sign the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) cooperation agreement that runs from 2014-2020.

Government Spokesperson and Minister of Information Yemane G. Meskel indicated that the multi-million-euro development package will mostly focus on enhancing Eritrea’s energy infrastructure projects.

Soon after the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, announced the intention last month to allow Continue reading Eritrea and EU Poised to Sign 11th EDF Cooperation Agreement

UN Revives Eritrea’s Development Partners’ Forum

Eritrea’s Development Partners Forum conducted in the presence of ambassadors and staff from various embassies, honorary consuls, heads of international organizations as well as members of the UNCT and senior staff from the UN


THE United Nations in Eritrea held its first Development Partners’ Forum for 2014 on 17 June in Asmara.

Hosted by Ms. Christine N. Umutoni, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator (UNRC/HC) in Eritrea, the forum introduced a new format which provided the UN’s development partners with the opportunity to brief each other on their programmes and partnerships in Eritrea.  Continue reading UN Revives Eritrea’s Development Partners’ Forum

General Wuchu: More than Just a Hero

“Wuchu” – Our Revolutionary Hero and Brave Commander. R.I.P

By Dawit Ghebremedhin,

To have a gem in the hands is such a gift but when it perishes it is such a horror. One that isn’t malevolent but more of a melancholy horror. We Eritreans have lost a big gem. One that shines wherever it goes.  One that differs from the rest because it is so unique. Now that it has gone away it shows us how valuable that gem really is.

General Wuchu has passed away. To speak by his proper name Gebrezigher Andemariam has passed away. A man raised by shepherds. A man of many words. A man whose continuous fight for prosperity has led to a better world for Eritreans. A man who has left us in a state of shock because he is now gone forever. A man whose feet kept moving to the final destination even when he had to take puny steps. A man who will always be remembered by Eritreans.  Continue reading General Wuchu: More than Just a Hero

Major General Gerezgher “Wuchu” Passed Away

The Eritrean Government and its Defense Forces today lost one of its giants.

“ጅግና ኣይነብርን’ዩ ታሪኩ እዩ ዝውረስ” R.I.P

By TesfaNews,

Veteran fighter Major General Gerezgheri “Wuchu” Andemariam who has been under medical treatment in Asmara has passed away today at the age of 64.

The late Major General Gerezgheri “Wuchu” was the Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces. He was active in the Eritrean Liberation Movement and involved in the independence struggle during the period of Ethiopian rule over Eritrea since 1971.

Presidential adviser Yemane Ghebreab confirmed the news and called General ‘Wuchu’ as an Eritrean legend, ardent patriot and brave commander.  Continue reading Major General Gerezgher “Wuchu” Passed Away