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Truth Prevailed – Mirjam Van Reisen and Her Cronies Know it

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. From now on, we are going to watch for people like Mirjam Van Reisen the legal way as we are not going to take it anymore!

By Diaspora YPFDJ Members,

Professor Mirjam van Reisen systematically through her huge network of European Union members and sellout Eritreans has proven over and over that she hates the Eritrean government and people with passion. It is very obvious for any one to see that her motive and agenda is simply to showcase an example of a failed state that can only be cured by the western NGO community, like hers, created with funds from many European nations.

As a so-called Human rights expert one document describes her a Professor of International Social Responsibility at Tilburg University specializing in human beings, notably from Eritrea. Who died and made her god? One that can’t even identify who is Eritrean and who is not. Continue reading Truth Prevailed – Mirjam Van Reisen and Her Cronies Know it

No Nation Deserves a Secondhand Love

How the Duthch (Netherlands) media bias is systematically stripping the rights and freedom of Eritreans in the country. (Photo: Eritrean refugees in the Netherlands; inset – Habtom Yohannes, a certified anti-Eritrea element)

By Gebre Fessehazion,

No nation deserves a secondhand Love. In this case, Eritrea doesn’t need a secondhand love or emotion. No one loves his own mother with secondhand emotion. The same applies to your own country. Right or wrong the love and the support to your own country should be first above everything. Loving or supporting to your own country doesn’t make you a criminal or spy for that matter. Eritrea wants to be sure its defenses lying in our hands but not to rest in the palm of another “outsider”. Continue reading No Nation Deserves a Secondhand Love

Meseret Bahlbi -The Antithesis of ‘Linchpin Spy’

The court case of Meseret Bahlbi against Mirjam van Reisen is one that is aimed at stopping legally this woman and her kinds from slandering and intimidating members of the Eritrean community in Europe who are legally and rightfully involved in organizing and serving their community.

By Sirak Bahlbi,

The court case of Meseret Bahlbi against Mirjam van Reisen, a Dutch University Professor, is a single significant moment for Eritreans Diaspora with the right to live without intimidation in Europe and elsewhere from influential individuals with clear political objectives.

The case was brought by Meseret Bahlbi, a young Dutch-Eritrean man who grew up in the Netherlands, after his name and that of his family’s was repeatedly besmirched in the media and his reputation was tarnished in his place of work by Mirjam van Reisen and her associates.  Continue reading Meseret Bahlbi -The Antithesis of ‘Linchpin Spy’