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Ethiopia, Somaliland Sign Accord to Use Berbera Port

berbera port
As famine stalks on millions of Ethiopians, landlocked Ethiopia finally forced to take practical actions and look for alternative ports on top of  the tiny and highly congested Djibouti port. According to the new deal, Ethiopia will divert 30 percent of its import and export to Somaliland’s Berbera Port.

By William Davison | for Bloomberg,

Ethiopia signed a deal to boost trade through Somaliland’s Berbera port amid congestion at a facility in neighboring Djibouti, officials said.

Tariffs have been revised and a committee established to manage joint operations as part of the agreement signed on March 31, Sharmarke Jama, an economy and trade adviser for the foreign ministry in the semi-autonomous Somali region, said on Monday. Continue reading Ethiopia, Somaliland Sign Accord to Use Berbera Port

Food Aid Destined for Ethiopia’s Hungry Stuck in Djibouti Port

Lack of sufficient storage facility at the port of Djibouti creates unimaginable congestion and caught up more than 60,000 metric tonnes of food aid destined for Ethiopia’s hungry for months. Currently, 10 stranded ships carrying 450,000 tons of food are waiting to unload. Problem is, it takes 40 days to unload a single ship meaning, the 15 million hungry Ethiopians may not get the food fast enough. (Photo: Ryan Kilpatrick)

By TesfaNews,

Starved Ethiopians could face tougher times unless food aid supplies that are stuck in Djibouti port arrive quickly in the country. Officials blamed congestion at Djibouti port, land-locked Ethiopia’s main access to the sea.

According to Bloomberg’s ship-tracking data, at least 10 vessels are stranded around the port waiting to unload about 450,000 metric tons of wheat. The Carly Manx vessel, scheduled to arrive at the port on Feb. 22 carrying 50,000 tons of wheat and sorghum, is only now berthed. The Ince Beylerbeyi, initially set to reach the port on Feb. 19, is still waiting to unload 54,250 tons of wheat. Continue reading Food Aid Destined for Ethiopia’s Hungry Stuck in Djibouti Port