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Eritrea, Sudan Throw Political Support for Juba

President Al-Bashir on a 2-day official visit to Eritrea
Agreed. President Afwerki and Al-Bashir on the issue of S. Sudan: There need to have common consensus towards achieving peaceful solution to the crisis on the basis of coordination and collaboration on the part of all concerned parties.

By Sudan Tribune,

The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir and his Eritrean counterpart Isaias Afwerki announced their political support for the existing government of South Sudan.

Bashir returned to Khartoum on Saturday following a three-day official visit to Eritrea at the invitation of Afewerki. Continue reading Eritrea, Sudan Throw Political Support for Juba

The Ethiopian Hand in South Sudan

South Sudan, a Conflict that Should Concern All

By Thomas C Mountain,

Ethiopia has been active in destabilizing South Sudan and has been repeatedly caught providing arms to “rebels” in the Jonglei and Unity States in the north of the country during the past year.

Some of these arms are reported to being used against UN peacekeepers on top of the general ethnic based slaughter that the rebels have been committing across South Sudan. Continue reading The Ethiopian Hand in South Sudan

Ethiopia Evacuates Citizens from South Sudan

Photo released by UNMISS shows national from Uganda, Kenya, Eritrea and Ethiopia are evacuated by UN helicopter to Juba from Benitu

By Sudan Tribune,

As fears rise of a possible civil war in South Sudan, Ethiopia said it has began evacuating hundreds of its citizens from conflict-hit regions of the country.

Ethiopia’s ministry of foreign affairs said on Sunday that over 650 Ethiopians have been transported back home as fierce fighting between government forces and rebels led by sacked vice president Riek Machar continues in Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile states. Continue reading Ethiopia Evacuates Citizens from South Sudan

Ethiopians Killed in South Sudan Exceeds 30

“Thousands of armed youth loyal to ousted Vice President Riek Machar (aka “White Army”) are marching toward the government-held town of Bor as the international community presses for a cease-fire.” – VOA

Ethiopians and Eritreans in South Sudan seek help


Ethiopian emigrants that reside in the Unity State of South Sudan are stating that they are found in war zone and are at risk.

Six Ethiopians working in the State’s main road construction said they have been hiding inside heavy machineries for the past two days. They said two Ethiopians have been killed while three were wounded. Continue reading Ethiopians Killed in South Sudan Exceeds 30

South Sudan Bracing for Civil War?

General Peter Gadet, a Nuer and close confidant of VP Machar, today defects to complicate the security situation in Jonglei

The political feud between President Kiir and VP Machar threatens the young country to return to civil war again.

By Reuters,

South Sudan’s army said it had lost control of the flashpoint town of Bor on Wednesday, its first acknowledged reversal in three days of clashes between rival groups of soldiers that have triggered warnings of a slide into civil war.

President Salva Kiir earlier said he was ready for dialogue with his sacked vice president Riek Machar – the man he accuses of starting the fighting, which diplomats say has killed up to 500 people, and plotting a coup. Continue reading South Sudan Bracing for Civil War?