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Eritrea: Joy and the Future

widespread joy and celebrations following lifting of Eritrea sanctions
The future of Eritrea is in the strong and capable hands of the Eritrean people. The notion that those who contributed to years of the anti-Eritrea campaign should now somehow trying to dictate the path forward for Eritrea after lifting of sanctions is beyond preposterous.


Last week, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to lift the nearly decade-long international sanctions on Eritrea. The news led to the outpouring of widespread joy and excited celebrations among Eritreans, both across the country and in cities around the world. Continue reading Eritrea: Joy and the Future

Ethiopia: An Analysis of Recent Economic Growth and Potential Challenges

Ethiopia’s recent economic growth are respectable achievements but it may prove fanciful if they fail to consider and address a variety of significant concerns.

By FikreJesus Amahazion,

Nestled in the turbulent Horn of Africa (HOA) region, Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent modern nation-state and second most populous.[i]  The second poorest country in the world according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Multidimensional Poverty Index, [ii] Ethiopia consistently ranks extremely low upon a variety of socioeconomic, development, and human rights indicators. [iii]

Recently however, Ethiopia has experienced economic growth – making it amongst “Africa’s best performing economies.” [iv] This development reiterates the Ethiopian government’s lofty ambitions to attain “middle-income status by 2020.” [v] The validity, sustainability, and possible ramifications of Ethiopia’s purported and ambitious economic transformation in the near future – which could prove beneficial domestically and regionally – merits closer analysis. Continue reading Ethiopia: An Analysis of Recent Economic Growth and Potential Challenges