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President Isaias Meets UN Deputy Chief

“There are countries that have done none with more opportunities. But Eritrea with its own resources is doing a lot on development. I am excited because I’m witnessing the real Eritrea, not the Eritrea on social media” – Amina J. Mohammed, DSG


President Isaias Afwerki met today, at Adi Halo, the joint UN-AU delegation led by Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Amina Mohammed. The delegation is on a two-day visit to Eritrea to highlight “the critical role of women’s meaningful participation in peace, security and development”. Continue reading President Isaias Meets UN Deputy Chief

Students Discover African-led Development in Mason’s First Trip to Eritrea

The Center for the Study of Narrative and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University sent 11 PhD, Master’s and undergraduate students to Eritrea for two weeks to uncover the country’s narrative of development, and this is a piece from what they have discovered so far.

George Mason University students with the Eritrean Minister of Investment and Promotion. (Photo: Gbenga DeSilva)


There are multiple sides to every story. But when it comes to Eritrea, a country that’s been isolated due to 20 years of war and nine years of sanctions, much of their story hasn’t been told, said Carol Pineau, a former CNN journalist who reported live on the Eritrean-Ethiopian war and is a visiting scholar at George Mason University. Continue reading Students Discover African-led Development in Mason’s First Trip to Eritrea

Eritrea: Renovation and Expansion of Major Roads

The development of road networks is considered as the prime index of economic growth and development of a country.


The Eritrean government is engaged in the maintenance and expansion of roads and building bridges. The first phase of the renovation and expansion of the economically important [strategic] roads that started in 2018 is in full swing. Continue reading Eritrea: Renovation and Expansion of Major Roads

“Eritrea Stands Out As a Role Model, Needs to Share its Experiences With Other Countries”

“There are a number of accomplishments Eritrea was able to achieve in a relatively few years. As Eritreans this might not surprise you, but, for me, coming from a foreign country, it is mesmerizing, and I wish that people from other nationalities would come and see what is being done here and get inspired.” – Dr. Josephine Namboze, WHO Country Representative.


The commitment of the community and the government is the secret behind Eritrea’s success, over the years, in the health sector. The massive reduction in mother and child mortality rates, HIV and Malaria and the high immunization coverage are some of the accomplishments of the country. Continue reading “Eritrea Stands Out As a Role Model, Needs to Share its Experiences With Other Countries”

The Long Road to Recovering from Sanctions

Eritrea, for now, has extricated itself from the battering ram of sanctions. Whether or not it can capitalize on this opportunity will depend largely on external support and internal impetus. (Photo: Globetrotter)


Eritrea, isolated by UN sanctions for a decade until they were lifted on 14 November 2018, is now working to regain its place in Africa and the international community. The sanctions were lifted after Eritrea made steps towards peace with its neighbours after being locked into deadly conflict for decades— Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki took the crucial first step of reaching out to Kenya in a move that both countries hope will usher in a new era of prosperity in the Horn of Africa. Continue reading The Long Road to Recovering from Sanctions

A Shifting Focus on Sustainable Development as Eritrea Turns 27

As Eritrea manage to reduce its security threats to an insignificant level through dynamic and strategic regional alliances, the focus has now shifted to meeting its sustainable development targets.


A friend of mine who’s always had a tendency to see the glass as half-empty recently came back from his two-week trip to Eritrea and phoned me to catch-up once he got back to the states.  One of the first things he said to me was, “There was no shortage of water or electricity during my stay in Eritrea.  Shaebia’s method is working.”

Other acquaintances and friends who recently visited Eritrea have also expressed similar sentiments to me.  Continue reading A Shifting Focus on Sustainable Development as Eritrea Turns 27

“Non-Conformist Eritrea”: Extending the Conversation

Understanding Eritrea. Rather than focusing on a single perspective and restricting the discourse and narrative of Eritrea, a broader range of views and perspectives should be encouraged toward promoting constructive dialogue, increasing accuracy, enhancing reliability, and enriching overall understanding.


I recently read the article, Non-Conformist Eritrea, authored by Ms. Ruby Sandhu, an international human rights lawyer. The article was well-written, thoughtful and perceptive, full of detail, balanced, and offered important background and context about Eritrea. Continue reading “Non-Conformist Eritrea”: Extending the Conversation

Viva Eritrea

Long Live Eritrea! Long live the can do people of Eritrea!


What does VIVA Eritrea mean to you? Viva is a show of support, expression of love. Simply put, Viva Eritrea stands for long live Eritrea. The question that every Eritrean and friends of Eritrea need to ask, what role to play in the future of Eritrea?

Every Eritrean wants to see a happy, prosperous, united, vibrant, conscientious, advanced and most importantly a peaceful Eritrea. That means we all have a role to play in the happiness, prosperity, unity, vibrancy, conscience, advancement and peaceful life of Eritrea. Continue reading Viva Eritrea