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Save Dafur’s Missing Millions: The Israeli Connection

“The Save Darfur Coalition was actually begun exclusively as an initiative of the American Jewish community” – The Jerusalem Post 

‘Save Darfur’ funds Israeli settlements

By Thomas C. Mountain,

The so called “Save Darfur Coalition” raised tens of millions of dollars, some say a hundred million or more to help the people of Darfur yet an investigation by this writer can find no evidence of any of this money reaching Darfur refugees on the ground in Sudan.

I first wrote about Dafur back in 2003 and since then have interviewed over a dozen veteran aid workers from Darfur with more than 50 years on the ground there between them and first off;

1) Not a single one agrees that genocide was committed in Darfur. The consensus is that somewhere between 20-30,000 people died in the Darfur conflict and that most deaths took place in 2004 and early 2005 Continue reading Save Dafur’s Missing Millions: The Israeli Connection