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Farming Community in Eritrea Benefiting from Solar Pumping System

solar powered submersible pumping system
A solar powered submersible pumping system by NOV Mono offers a minimal maintenance, set-and-forget solution for pumping water on small-scale farms in Eritrea

By Water World,

A FARMING community in Eritrea are now able to irrigate their crops on a reliable year-round basis, thanks to a solar pumping solution from NOV Mono.

The Sun-Sub submersible pump system is located on the banks of the Mereb River in Eritrea, where the community now has greatly improved access to water. Continue reading Farming Community in Eritrea Benefiting from Solar Pumping System

Favourable Outlook for Eritrea Crops

Effective harvesting of crops this year to yield bumper harvest

By The Crop Site News Desk,

HARVESTING of the 2014 main season crops is expected to start at the beginning of November and, according to satellite-based monitoring, production prospects in main agricultural areas of Debub, Maekel, Gash Barka and Anseba zobas are favourable.

The 2014 “kiremti” rainy season had a timely onset at the end of June and, especially by August on wards, has been characterized by abundant and well-distributed precipitation amounts in most cropping areas, in some cases continuing until the second dekad of October.  Continue reading Favourable Outlook for Eritrea Crops

Environmental Protection in Eritrea

Nakfa, Eritrea. Micro dam at the beginning of the rainy season; it’s used for irrigated farming.

By Rediet Kifle,

Increasingly, the threat of environmental degradation has garnered attention as an important developmental issue. Currently, there is a strong consensus that environmental degradation can negatively affect humans and other species, and direct consequences include aspects of global warming, torrential rains or little-to-no rain, and desertification.

Notably, aspects of degradation are quite apparent in newly developing nations; for example, a recent World Risk Report categorized African nations, as being “High” or “Very High” risk for environmental degradation due to their exposure and vulnerability.”[i] Continue reading Environmental Protection in Eritrea