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UN Security Council Wrangles over Eritrea Sanctions

The resolution has now lost all its teeth to bite as proposed sanctions on mining industry and a ban on 2% tax have been taken out of it.

By Capital FM,

UN Security Council nations on Wednesday wrangled over a bid to impose new sanctions on Eritrea, which has been accused of plotting a bomb attack on an African summit.

With some countries insisting Eritrea’s President Issaias Afeworki be allowed to address the council, Russia led opposition to demands by the United States and Gabon for a vote Wednesday, diplomats said.

US ambassador Susan Rice said the 15 member council finally agreed to hold a vote on the resolution on Monday. Continue reading UN Security Council Wrangles over Eritrea Sanctions

Possible Council Vote on Eritrea Resolution

Sanction Threats on Eritrean Mining Industries are now dead on arrival. The final draft is now calling on states to “exercise increased vigilance”

By Whatsinblue.org,

It appears that Gabon circulated a revised draft resolution on Eritrea yesterday afternoon, announcing its intention of putting it to a vote today(Wednesday, 30 November).

While recent negotiations seem to have succeeded in narrowing differences between Council members, most on the Council seem not to have expected a vote so soon. (It seems the fact that today is the last day of the existing presidency in the Council might have been a factor in the timing.) It is unclear, however, whether Gabon has formally asked to have the draft put in blue, which would be necessary for the vote to proceed today. Continue reading Possible Council Vote on Eritrea Resolution