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Eritrea Dismisses Crimes Against Humanity Claims as ‘Laughable’


A UN inquiry has accused Eritrean of systematic crimes against humanity. The commission, which was not allowed to enter Eritrea, said it believed as many as 400,000 people were being enslaved, forcibly conscripted into the military. It also documented torture, rape, murder and forced disappearances and recommended an investigation by the International Criminal Court. Continue reading Eritrea Dismisses Crimes Against Humanity Claims as ‘Laughable’

What the UN Gets Wrong About Rights in Eritrea

INDEFENSIBLE. ”There are a lot of problems with the Commission of Inquiry’s research methodology in producing the original report. The Commission refused to consider the academic literature on Eritrea; refused to use press reports; refused to speak with experts who’d traveled recently to the country; refused to speak to UN staff and Western diplomats inside the country; and refused to consider the testimony of many thousands of Eritreans who supported the government. They spoke only to refugees who self-identified as having suffered violations of their rights, and because Sudan and Djibouti refused to host the COIE, the team was only able to do field research in Ethiopia, which is effectively at war with Eritrea. Obviously, this is shockingly poor scholarship—if a college undergrad tried to ignore all academic scholarship and spoke only to people who agreed with him, he’d get flunked out of school. “ – Bronwyn Bruton


A UN panel’s expected conclusion that crimes against humanity are being committed in Eritrea would be legally indefensible because of the flawed methodology in the compilation of the report and would further erode the credibility of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Africa, said the Atlantic Council’s Bronwyn Bruton.

The UN’s Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COIE) will present its findings on June 8. “Based on my interactions with the Commission, I do expect the COIE to recommend that the government of Eritrea be referred to the ICC for crimes against humanity, despite the weakness of the evidence,” said Bruton, deputy director of the Council’s Africa Center. Continue reading What the UN Gets Wrong About Rights in Eritrea