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Commission of Inquiry (COI) Findings Need Legitimate Investigation

Commission of Inquiry
In the absence of hard and verifiable evidence, all the allegations of COI Eritrea are baseless and politically motivated.

By Mebrak Ghebreweldi,

As a woman, the most shocking part of the report made by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights on Eritrea was the false claim of ‘rape’. By saying this, COI have undermined every woman in Eritrea. The COI have undermined our values, our daughters, our mothers, our sisters and all the Eritrean former female fighters who fought for our equality side by side with men.

COI undermined the power and the resilience of Eritrean women all over the world including those in Sawa. The Commission have made a historical mistake against the Eritrean women and this needs a legitimate investigation.

Our young men, our brothers and our fathers are not rapists. They have never been, they are not now and they will never be. Whilst I cannot say that Eritrea is without a few sick and evil people, it goes against our culture to suggest that this type of crime is widespread.  Continue reading Commission of Inquiry (COI) Findings Need Legitimate Investigation