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Ethiopia: A U.S – China Battleground in Africa?

Ethiopia as a battleground for U.S - China domination of Africa
While the story of China’s economic and political penetration of Africa has been told and retold countless times by many analysts, very few express the issue in terms of move and counter-move between the US and China.

By Eric Draitser,

Earlier this month, the Washington Post confirmed that the US military had closed its drone base in Arba Minch, in Southern Ethiopia. While there was at least some mention of the closure in the corporate media, none of the coverage provided the much needed geopolitical and strategic context necessary to understand the true significance of the shuttering of the US base. Instead, most of the coverage focused on the redeployment of US assets to other parts of Africa, or indeed beyond the African continent.  Continue reading Ethiopia: A U.S – China Battleground in Africa?