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Eritrea: Joy and the Future

widespread joy and celebrations following lifting of Eritrea sanctions
The future of Eritrea is in the strong and capable hands of the Eritrean people. The notion that those who contributed to years of the anti-Eritrea campaign should now somehow trying to dictate the path forward for Eritrea after lifting of sanctions is beyond preposterous.


Last week, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously to lift the nearly decade-long international sanctions on Eritrea. The news led to the outpouring of widespread joy and excited celebrations among Eritreans, both across the country and in cities around the world. Continue reading Eritrea: Joy and the Future

Eritrea: World Leaders, Including the U.S., Send Messages of Congratulations

Eritreans all over the world are celebrating the 24th Anniversary of their hard-won Independence with profound pride.

By TesfaNews,

WORLD leaders send congratulatory messages to President Isaias Afwerki and the people of Eritrea in connection with the 24th anniversary of Eritrea’s Independence Day, state media Shabait reports.

So far, the Heads of States of Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, People’s Republic of China, India, Germany, Singapore, Mexico, Israel, Liberia, and the U.S. have sent their best wishes to President Isaias and the people of Eritrea. Continue reading Eritrea: World Leaders, Including the U.S., Send Messages of Congratulations

Secretary John Kerry Congratulate Eritrea on National Day

Happy Independence Anniversary

By U.S. Department of State,

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
May 27, 2014

On behalf of the American people, I welcome the opportunity to send my warmest wishes to the people of Eritrea on the 23rd anniversary of your independence which took place May 24.

Know that the government and people of the United States stand beside you in your continued search for the promise of a free, prosperous, and democratic Eritrea.  Continue reading Secretary John Kerry Congratulate Eritrea on National Day

Celebrating Eritrea at 23

Every Eritrean knows and understands how the country became a reality … and that’s why we celebrated it with zeal and passion

Eritrea @23

By Bereket Kidane,

THIS month will mark Eritrea’s 23rd birthday! Glad to see Eritrean communities around the world have started planning their Independence Day parties. For most countries, the 23rd birthday elicits a shrug of the shoulders. Not in Eritrea’s case.

Taking Eritrea’s remarkable history into account, each birthday is a cause for celebration – and admiration. Its birth in the first place was a miracle and a result of the long and heroic armed struggle waged against all odds.

What makes this year’s Independence Day celebration particularly exciting for the diaspora communities is that May 24 falls on Saturday. Continue reading Celebrating Eritrea at 23

DC Mayor Congratulates 22nd Eritrea Independence Day

By TesfaNews,

Washington, DC. Mayor, Vincent C. Gray, has joined the club of U.S. Mayors that congratulate the people and State of Eritrea on their Independence Day.

In his congratulatory letter, the Mayor expressed his great pride and respect towards the celebration of Eritrea’s 22nd Independence Day, same way he prides on his own country’s national Independence day.  Continue reading DC Mayor Congratulates 22nd Eritrea Independence Day