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After 20 Years, can Ethiopia and Eritrea Ever Reconcile?

Two decades on, this confrontation serves neither people. Can Eritrea and Ethiopia ever reconcile?
Eritrea doesn’t need a favor or an incentive to reconcile with Ethiopia. Let Ethiopia honour its treaty obligations and respect Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by withdrawing from all occupied territories first. Period.


Africa is – tragically – no stranger to conflict. But the war that erupted between Ethiopia and Eritrea on 6 May 1998 was unlike any the continent had seen since the Second World War. This was no slaughter between troops and rebels mainly armed with Kalashnikov and machetes. This was a full-blown conflict using everything from heavy artillery and trench warfare to ariel combat involving modern aircraft. Continue reading After 20 Years, can Ethiopia and Eritrea Ever Reconcile?

Eritrea – Ethiopia: Imminent Peace

FAILING JUSTICE. The Eritrea – Ethiopia Boundary Commission Ruling is on its 13th Anniversary. But being on the run through the avenue of miscarriage until when?


IT HAS been 13 years since the final and binding delimitation of the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Ethiopia continues to illegally occupy sovereign Eritrean territories including the town of Badme hence jeopardising peace between to the two neighbourly countries.

Eritrea and Ethiopia went to war between 1998 – ­2000. In 18 June, 2000 the two countries, under international auspices, signed a cessation of hostilities and later a Comprehensive Peace Agreement on 12 December 2000 establishing the five ­member Eritrea­Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC). Continue reading Eritrea – Ethiopia: Imminent Peace