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Eritrea – Ethiopia: The Folklore of Neighborhood

Now is a vital moment for the Eritrean people and government not to be sidetracked by any challenge faced. As long as they have proved that they are on their own and will no longer enter in such kind of bad and childish politics, its commitment to peace and security will over time prevail.

By Amanuel Zekarias,

Once upon a time, the world was ruled by a noble king. He was wise and acted lawfully on behalf of his subjects. Accordingly, his followers were very loyal to his rule. One day he called his followers and told them, he would give them whatever they asked for, but first each of his followers had to name a beloved neighbor. After which, each of his followers received what they asked for, put in a surprised manner the king told his followers he was going to gift out a double of what they received to their friendly neighbors. The king did this so as to evaluate the degree of love and compassion his followers had towards each other. Though, most of his followers accepted this decree gladly, there was one individual who had regretted his decision. Continue reading Eritrea – Ethiopia: The Folklore of Neighborhood