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How I Smuggled Biniam Simon of Eri TV

The following is a partial translation from the chapter that the author (Léonard Vincent) narrates how he helped trafficking the former Eri TV presenter Biniam Simon into Paris. Biniam was on his way back to Eritrea finishing his government sponsored scholarship in Tokyo.  

Léonard-Vincent, author of the “Eritreans” narrates how he has been involved in trafficking of Eritreans, in his own damn book

By Léonard Vincent,

All the Eritreans that I know who are fighting to liberate their country are ‘heroes’.

Biniam [Simon], is a very ordinary person. The first evening I heard his voice, in December 2006, there was a trickle of shyness that painfully confessed on a telephone line. Far from Japan where he was sent for training by the Eritrean Ministry of Information, the former presenter of the evening news at Eri-TV admitted, with great difficulty, that he wanted to defect.

In recent weeks, his friends and colleagues were rounded up one by one. They were sent to Agip to be interrogated. The authorities were seeking to know who organized the flight of the personnel from the TV channel. Continue reading How I Smuggled Biniam Simon of Eri TV

Merchant of Misery: Ex-Marine Cadet of America – Léonard Vincent

I’m not ashamed any more to say that the only solution is a coup d’Etat, a palace revolution. – Léonard Vincent

The hypocrite Leonard Vincent

By Genet H.Michael,

SO SAYS Léonard Vincent during an interview he gave to the journalist of the daily, La Tribune de Genève, on June 27, 2012 who asked him if there is any hope for change in Eritrea.

These unkind words against Eritrea are pronounced by a person who endorses depending on the situation, the journalist’s or the humanitariancap.

The above quote echoes the discussions he recently had with the Cybernauts, to describe the events that took place at the Ministry of Information in Eritrea on the 21st of January.  Continue reading Merchant of Misery: Ex-Marine Cadet of America – Léonard Vincent