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We need to talk to Eritrea than Talking About

Secrecy is not in Eritreans nature - Andrew Cowie

By Andrew Cowie,

Last week, Wikileaks revealed what US Ambassador Ronald K. McMullen really thinks about Eritrea.  You’re forgiven if you missed it – amidst the chatter and gossip about Iran, China and our own political class the Eritreans never really stood a chance.  But, for me, it was fascinating. You see I lived in Eritrea for nearly three years, from September 2007 until February 2010.  His vision was of a dystopian hellhole – “Young Eritreans are fleeing their country in droves, the economy appears to be in a death spiral, Eritrea’s prisons are overflowing, and the country’s unhinged dictator remains cruel and defiant.”  My experiences of the country were a little more nuanced and, I think, to be fair to Eritreans we should try to understand the reality of their lives. Continue reading We need to talk to Eritrea than Talking About