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‘I Am Worried Ethiopia Will Explode’: Ana Gomes

“Change will occur if Ethiopians come together and take matters in their own hands. They should not expect someone else come and make changes in their country.” – Ana Gomes

The day after … the firestorm. “I am very very worried for Ethiopia… The fact that the International community turn a blind eye to the totalitarian regime of the TPLF is going to provoke an uncontrollable explosion in Ethiopia.”


A member of the European Parliament who is a fervent critic of the TPLF (Tigray People’a Liberation Front) said current political developments in Ethiopia could lead to conflict with tremendous consequences to the Horn of Africa.

Speaking to ESAT on the phone, the Portuguese politician said she fears that the ongoing conflicts in various parts of the country will go out of hand with serious ramifications to the region and even to Europe. Continue reading ‘I Am Worried Ethiopia Will Explode’: Ana Gomes