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Stop Betraying Eritrea with Impunity, Implement EEBC Decision

Implement EEBC Decision
Time for the international community to stop betraying the nation of Eritrea and redress the injustice by implementing the EEBC decision. It is becoming a bad precedent for any future decision reached by court of arbitration.


April 13 is a very poignant date in the Eritrean calendar for the last 15 years due the enormous impact it has on the security and stability of the people of Eritrea and the Horn of Africa in general and a sad reminder of the international community`s dereliction of responsibility.

It is a symbolic date for injustice and betrayal of the Eritrean people with gross implications for the people of the whole region in the Horn of Africa. Famine, Migration, Occupation, Mass Protest, War, Ethnic Strife, ….are some of what characterises the current sad reality of the Horn of Africa. Continue reading Stop Betraying Eritrea with Impunity, Implement EEBC Decision

Ethiopia Vs. Eritrea: Is War a Necessary Evil?

Is there a legitimate fear that is pushing Ethiopia to ponder war against Eritrea? Why is it pushing itself fighting a war against the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea this time?

By Yohannes Kifle,

Considering evils of wars, nations continued to engage in war that is devastating to both sides. The destruction caused to human lives and properties is immeasurable no matter how big or small the war is. Wars fought in the past had two sides of the spectrum believing the war they pursued against one another was “a necessary evil”.

Flirting with the idea of going to war with Eritrea again behind the principle of “war is a necessary evil”, the regime in Ethiopia has been and continued to pound the war drum. The sixty-four thousand dollars question is: does the principle equally apply to Eritrea? Continue reading Ethiopia Vs. Eritrea: Is War a Necessary Evil?

President Obama Had His Chance and He Blew It

The historic visit to Ethiopia afforded President Obama a golden opportunity to solidify his laurel as a Nobel Peace Prize winner by helping end the state of no-peace no-war affair between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Alas! He just blew it.

By Alem Fisshatzion,

As the first sitting American president to visit Ethiopia, President Barak Obama had a golden opportunity to right a whole long chain of wrongs; the first of which inevitably should have been to stop baby-cuddling the Ethiopian regime and turning a blind eye to their dangerous regional destabilization policies.

As guarantor to the Algiers agreement which Ethiopia openly and stubbornly continue to defy, it is both the duty and moral obligation of the United States to see to it that Ethiopia complies or face consequences. Instead, it is the victim, Eritrea, whom the International Community under the leadership of the US has chosen to punish. Continue reading President Obama Had His Chance and He Blew It

ጠንቂ ግጭት ዶብ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን፡ ዝሓለፈ መድረኻትን በጺሕዎ ዘሎ ደረጃን (ሳልሳይ ክፋል)

ወያነ ዝተወረረኒ መሬት ከመልስ ብምባል ዳንጋ ዘራያት ኣሚኑ ኣብ ዘካየዶ ሰለስተ ሰፋሕቲ ወራራት ብፍሽለት ምስተዛዘመ፡ ንመራሕቲ ወያነ ብሓፈሻ : ንገብሩ ኣስራትን መሰልቱን ድማ ብፍላይ ብዘየወላውል መገዲ ዝተጋህደሎም ሓቂ እንተሎ፡ ፍሽለት ምድምሳስ ወተሃደርዊ ዓቕሚ ኤርትራ : ፍሽለት ምውዳቕ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ : ፍሽለት ምዝራግ ሃገራዊ ሓድነት ኤርትራ : ፍሽለት ምቁጽጻር ወደብ ዓሰብ : ፍሽለት ብዋጋ ኤርትራ ባሕሪ እትውንን ረፓብሊክ ዓባይ ትግራይ ምምስራትን ብኣብነት ክጥቀስ ይከኣል።

ደበሳይ ነባራይ:

ኣብ 2ይ ክፋል ጽሑፈይ፡ ተራን እጃምን መራሕቲ ወያነ ብሓፈሻ: ተራ ኣይተ ገብሩ ኣስራት ናይቲ እዋን ፕሬዝደንት ክልል ትግራይ: ብፍላይ ኣብ ምስዋር ዘይተደልየ ኲናት ዝተጻወቶ ኣሉታዊ ተራ ከይኣክል ኲናት ኣብ ዝለዓለ ጥርዚ ደይቡ ኣህዛብ ነንሓድሕዱ ብጎዞሞ ክፋለስ ኣብ ከተማ መቀለ ኣብ መድረኽ ደዪቡ ኣብ ቅድሚ ህዝቢ ዘስመዖ: ንበሃሊኡ ዘሕንኽ ዘይሓላፍነታዊ መደረ በቲ ሓደ ሸነኽ: ካብ ስሚዒታት ነጻ ዝኾኑ ሓላፍነታውን ወግዓዊን መደረታት መንግስቲ ኤርትራ በቲ ኻልእ ሸነኽ: መርትዖታት ኣስንየ ኣቅሪበዮ ኣለኹ። Continue reading ጠንቂ ግጭት ዶብ ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን፡ ዝሓለፈ መድረኻትን በጺሕዎ ዘሎ ደረጃን (ሳልሳይ ክፋል)