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Al-Shabaab Sponsored Ugandan Bombers Pleaded Guilty

The two Ugandans that bombed Kampala and kill 76 people, including 5 Eritreans on behalf of Al-Shabaab, admits their role

By New Vision,

A Ugandan national, Edris Nsubuga, the man who triggered off the deadly bomb blast at Kyaddondo Rugby Club in Kampala on July 11, 2010, yesterday pleaded guilty to terrorism charges.

Nsubuga and another suspect, Mohamoud Mugisha stunned court when they unexpectedly pleaded guilty to participating in the deadly July Kampala bombings. When he was paraded before the press in August last year, Nsubuga confessed to having triggered off the deadly explosion. On his part Mugisha said he identified a house that was used by the terrorists.

Yesterday, when you asked me to take plea, I pleaded guilty but you recorded not guilty. The rush of fear went through me and I was a bit distracted. My Lord, I have now decided to change my plea of not guilty to guilty on the three counts of terrorism,” Nsubuga told Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo yesterday. Continue reading Al-Shabaab Sponsored Ugandan Bombers Pleaded Guilty