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Eritrea: Transforming Arid Zones into Wetlands

Government so far built 9 strategic, 3 fairly big, 1 underground, and 747 micro dams, nationwide besides the 7 diversion schemes.


It is quite breathtaking to see human-made lakes in areas that were once arid and dramatic change in the ecosystem and the lifestyle of people who live in such areas. The development endeavors have triggered a chain of transformations in infrastructure, which are obvious in the Gash-Barka region. Continue reading Eritrea: Transforming Arid Zones into Wetlands

Logo Dam is Just the Beginning

The Logo dam project at Adi Halo is not just about a dam or conserving water. It was built to serve as a pilot project that functions as a center of a multifaceted development project by utilizing both land and water resources.


As global warming keeps threatening the inhabitants of our planet, Eritreans have been working hard on their piece of earth to fight desertification, erosion, and the scarcity of water. In Eritrea, “every drop of water must be saved and stored at all costs”; they even made that their slogan associated with projects related to water and food security, the provision of social services, and industrialization. Continue reading Logo Dam is Just the Beginning

Eritrea: Stabilizing Price to Improve Citizens’ Livelihood

Consumer market stabilization can be ensured basically by evenly distributing an adequate amount of product to the market at a fair value price. How to enable farmers sell their products directly to the customer is key.


For citizens to have an improved living standard, first of all, there must be adequate supply of products. Adequate products are essential but not necessarily sufficient unless there is an even distribution of products in all parts of the country and fair prices are ensured. This is likely to stabilize the market and play a big role in the economic growth of the nation. Continue reading Eritrea: Stabilizing Price to Improve Citizens’ Livelihood

Highlights of President Isaias Interview on Domestic Issues

For 2018, sectors that will be accorded highest priority within the broader medium-term development goals will remain education, expansion of irrigation, agro-industries as well as traditional and commercial fishing.

Housing projects and implementation of Civil Service salary increments, retroactive from 2017 and in tandem with judicious saving schemes, will also be accorded requisite priority.


In the second part of the interview with local media on last Saturday, Presidents Isaias Afwerki stated that the country has achieved substantial progress in the sectors of education, health, water supply, food security as well as in certain areas of physical infrastructure.

Bottlenecks in other critical infrastructure and related factors have, however, negatively affected growth in manufacturing, tourism, and fisheries, whose performance remains far below our aspirations and endowments, President Isaias underlined.

Government focus in the medium term will accordingly be geared to the revitalization of these sectors to augment their contribution to the country’s economic growth. Continue reading Highlights of President Isaias Interview on Domestic Issues

Gash Barka Region: An Agro-Industry Hub

From traditional farming to agro-industrial farming. Eritrea has gone through an economic transformation. Endowed with fertile plains, three large rivers, 10 big dams, 32 reservoirs, 118 micro dams and a range of agro-industries with modern equipment, the Gash Barka region is fast becoming the agro-industry hub of Eritrea.


If there is ever a region that exemplifies Agro-Industry of Eritrea, it’s the Gash Barka Region. A frenzied sprawl of 2.1 million people and is the largest region in Eritrea. It’s also a place where you find eight out of nine ethnic groups live together in harmony.

Gash Barka is located in the south western part of Eritrea. It borders Sudan in the west and Ethiopia in the south. It is 2300 meters above sea level. The temperature ranges from 12 – 48 degrees centigrade. The Gash Barka region has 834 large and small cities. Continue reading Gash Barka Region: An Agro-Industry Hub

Dams and Prospects of Irrigation Farming vis-à-vis Agro-Tourism Development in Eritrea

Althogh Eritrea belongs to the semi arid and arid region of Africa, it’s revolution on food security by building hundreds of dams and micro-dams to achieve a sustainable irrigation development program finally start to pay off.

By National Tourism Association,

IN countries like Eritrea where there is scarcity of rainfall, it’s essential that Governments and the community seek alternative solutions to alleviate water problem. That alternative solution, mainly, is catching every drop of water through building water catchment schemes and constructing micro and macro dams.

These dams and water catchment schemes would not only be confined in supplying the society with the needed water supply both for them and their animals but they have also a big role in changing the echo-system in the country and add impetus to other significant development programs such as the development of irrigation farming and thereby ensuring food security.  Continue reading Dams and Prospects of Irrigation Farming vis-à-vis Agro-Tourism Development in Eritrea