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AMISOM Begins Troop Withdrawal from Somalia

‘One-thousand troops to leave Somalia by the end of the year. The rest of the withdrawal process will be gradual and conditions-based’ :  Amb. Francisco Madeira

The announcement comes at a time when the US appears to be stepping up its military attacks in Somalia. Something is not right.


The African Union says it has begun its withdrawal from Somalia and will cut 1,000 troops by the end of this year as security responsibilities start to shift to the local military.

The continental body said Tuesday that the move comes at a critical time, less than a month after the country’s worst attack killed more than 350 people. The Somalia-based al-Shabab extremist group has been blamed. Continue reading AMISOM Begins Troop Withdrawal from Somalia

Waiting Out the Enemy in Somalia

Outwaiting the opponent. In the face of continued troop withdrawals, African Union and Somalia troops are getting stretched thin. Al Shabaab may have little choice but to dig in and wait.

By Stratfor,

Al Shabaab, the militant Islamist group in Somalia, has taken over more territory over the past few weeks. With African Union and Somali troops stretched thin, particularly as Ethiopian forces withdraw from Central Somalia, the group been able to steadily add to its holdings. But there is only so much al Shabaab can do to extend its reach while international aid is being given to the Somali military. The group may have little choice but to dig in and wait, hoping that Mogadishu’s foreign partners lose interest in the conflict before the army becomes strong enough to stand on its own. Continue reading Waiting Out the Enemy in Somalia