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Controlling Africa with Western “Democracy”

Western style “democracy” is destroying Africa. If you ask almost all Africans what they want most from their leaders they will tell you enough food to eat, clean water to drink, a roof over their heads, accessible and affordable medical care, and education for their children. Elections are way down on the list of grassroots African priorities.

By Thomas C Mountain,

The west uses “democracy”, as in elections, to control Africa. This has resulted in over half a century of murder and mayhem because all but one African country is a mixture of different ethnicity’s and nationalities with tribalism dominant in African societies.

Elections mean tribal winners and tribal losers and no in between, or consensus based governance. This has been a recipe for disaster, as in tribal conflict, since the end of direct western colonial rule and the imposition of neocolonialism after WW2. Continue reading Controlling Africa with Western “Democracy”

Divide and Rule; Western “Democracy” in Africa

‘Elections’ in African Democracy is becoming a do-or-die affair

By Thomas C Mountain,

Divide and rule is a law of imperialism and western style “democracy” is how imperialism implements this law in neocolonial Africa. It’s called “elections” and with it’s winner take all diktats division, conflict, ethnic cleansing, mass murder and civil war are the results.

Traditionally in Africa’s villages decisions and conflict resolution takes place using a consensus system with no absolute winners and losers, with all parties agreeing to the final decision and honor bound to carry it out. Just the opposite of what happens after “elections” in “democratic Africa”.  Continue reading Divide and Rule; Western “Democracy” in Africa