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Ethiopia Confirms 9th Coronavirus Patient

Ethiopia has confirmed 3 new cases of coronavirus, pushing the total number of those infected to 9
Ethiopia has confirmed 3 new cases of COVID-19, pushing the total number of those infected to 9; advises traveller from affected countries to 14-day self-quarantine.


Ethiopia has confirmed three new cases of the coronavirus, pushing the total number of those infected to nine. Ethiopian health minister Lia Tadesse in a statement said one of the cases is of an 85-year-old Ethiopian who entered the country on March 2. Continue reading Ethiopia Confirms 9th Coronavirus Patient

Egypt’s Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi Wins Second Term

Egyptian state media reports victory for Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, after securing 92 percent of the election vote. (Photo: AFP)


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has won a second term with over 92 percent of the vote, state media MENA reported on Friday.

The incumbent had only one challenger, Moussa Mustafa Moussa, who netted just only 3.1% in the three-day vote that started on March 26th. Continue reading Egypt’s Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi Wins Second Term

“The Mind of the African Strongman”

We will do well, if Cohen’s voice contributes to shaping US foreign policy toward Africa in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

By Dr. Samuel Mahaffy,

How do we cope with the human rights atrocities committed by our best friends?” “Such is the dilemma of US policy in Africa” (p. 51). Herman Cohen brings forward a refreshingly honest account of US foreign policy in Africa. This is a surprisingly candid account of Cohen’s encounter with ‘post-colonial’ African leaders over his 38 years in the US Foreign Service. Continue reading “The Mind of the African Strongman”

Why Africa May Leave The ICC

The United States has forcefully pointed out that the ICC is a kangaroo court, a travesty of justice open to political influence and that no American citizen will ever come before it.

By Dr. David Hoile,

It has taken Africa just over a decade to conclude that the International Criminal Court (ICC), established in 2002 by the Rome Statute, is simply unfit for purpose. That certainly is the conclusion of the South African government following the recent African Union summit in Johannesburg. The institution many African countries signed up for post 1998, a court that promised to pursue injustice without fear or favour, is not the one they see before them today. They were sold a false bill of goods. The ICC’s claims to international jurisdiction and judicial independence are institutionally flawed and the Court’s reputation has been irretrievably damaged by its racism, blatant double-standards, hypocrisy, corruption and serious judicial irregularities. Continue reading Why Africa May Leave The ICC

I Am Proud to be an Eritrean Riding the Tour de France

“I’m really proud to be an Eritrean riding at the Tour de France. It’s big for me, and for my team also. I’m really happy” – Daniel Teklehaimanot, the man who already made the headlines across the world for being the first African to win the best climber’s KOM jersey in the history of Tour de France (Photo credit: © ASO/B.Bade)

By Basia Cummings (for The Guardian),

DANIEL Teklehaimanot has a lot of firsts weighing on his shoulders. On Thursday, he became the first African rider to wear the coveted King of the Mountains jersey in the Tour de France, racing as part of the first African team to compete in it, MTN-Qhubeka.

For weeks now, the term “making history” has been following this impossibly tall, softly spoken Eritrean cyclist around. Along with his team-mate, Merhawi Kudus who, at 21, is the youngest tour rider this year, he is the first black African to compete in the world’s biggest bike race. Continue reading I Am Proud to be an Eritrean Riding the Tour de France

The Summit of the Americas: Is Africa Watching?

The 7th Summit of the Americas, Panama April 10-11

By Ray Ja,

LATER this week, the Summit of the Americas will take place in Panama. The meeting is being declared historic since it will be the first one attended by Cuba since 1962, when it was expelled from the Organization of American States (OAS), the event’s organizing body. For many reasons, the meeting will bring into clear view the differences between Latin America and Africa.

It will showcase a group of countries that stood by the side of Cuba during years of subversion by Empire. A region that created an organization – CELAC – that bans the inclusion of the imperialists, Canada and U.S., in response to their isolationist policies toward Cuba.  Continue reading The Summit of the Americas: Is Africa Watching?

How the World Bank and the IMF Destroy Africa

Debt is an efficient tool for IMF and World Bank sharks. It ensures access to other peoples’ raw materials and infrastructure on the cheapest possible terms. Through their ideology of neoliberalism, they immediately start to impose economic restructuring and Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs) that forces countries to spend less on things like health, education and development to ensure DEBT REPAYMENT. In effect, other development priorities will be shelved and poverty start to creep into the nations.

By Africa W,

THE World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) were set up during the end of the World War II to rebuild the economies of Europe. However, in order for the world bank and the IMF to implement their policies, they began offering loans to poor countries but only if the poor countries privatized their economies and allowed western corporations an almost free access to their raw materials and markets. That was a poverty trap and many poor countries realized it when it was too late. We were already in chains. Continue reading How the World Bank and the IMF Destroy Africa

Eritrea Takes Part in the 2nd Turkey – Africa Summit

Mr. Biniam Berhe representing Eritrea at ambassadorial level at the 2nd Turkey-Africa Summit

By Shabait,

ERITREA has participated in the second Turkey-Africa Cooperation Summit that was convened in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea on November 21.

State leaders and representatives from 30 African countries, as well as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey took part, it was assessed that all-round ties between Turkey and African states is on the rise.

As regards diplomatic relations, reports indicated that Turkey has Embassies in 39 African countries, 27 of which were opened in the wake of the first Turkey – Africa Summit in Istanbul in 2008. It is also known that 32 African nations have Embassies in Turkey. Continue reading Eritrea Takes Part in the 2nd Turkey – Africa Summit