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Adopted Ethiopian Children Being Given Away on Facebook

Ethiopia allocates an annual health budget of $140 million. However, it conveniently go out of its way and make adoption easier and accessible as caring for its 5 million orphans costs $115 million a month. They even named the program as “Alternative Child Care”

By Channel 4 News,

AMERICAN parents who adopted children from abroad are advertising them for re-adoption to strangers on a Facebook group, Channel 4 News finds.

A Channel 4 News investigation finds that unwanted kids are listed on the Facebook group, and other online forums and websites, when their American parents decide that they no longer want them or are unable to care from them.  Continue reading Adopted Ethiopian Children Being Given Away on Facebook

Adoption Agency Director Admits Bribing Ethiopian Officials

“We pay bribes to Ethiopian officials to approve the adoptions” – former adoption agency director

By Alexis Stevens,

AN Atlanta man who previously ran an adoption agency pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to his role in a scheme involving children from Ethiopia, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

James Harding, 55, admitted that between 2008 and 2009, he and his co-conspirators submitted fraudulent documents to the State Department to facilitate adoptions of Ethiopian children by U.S. parents, according to Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell and U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles of the District of South Carolina. Harding was employed as the international program director for International Adoption Guides Inc. at the time of the crimes. Continue reading Adoption Agency Director Admits Bribing Ethiopian Officials

Adopted Ethiopian Children, Homeless in Seattle (Video)

Ethiopia and its Orphan crisis. According to HOPE, there are 4.6 million Orphans in Ethiopia ONLY as a result of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the country. Add to that as a result of war with its neighbors, displacement, diseases and ethic violence, the number is simply staggering.

By Abraha Belai,

THIS is a very sad story that should move Ethiopian Americans into Action to stop an ongoing crime against innocent Ethiopian children in the name adoption.

American Journalist Don Rather has produced a documentary – “Unwanted in America” – which highlights how 9 out of the 30 children adopted from Ethiopia ended up homeless in the streets of Seattle. Continue reading Adopted Ethiopian Children, Homeless in Seattle (Video)