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Ethiopia’s $475m Tramway Struggles to Match Expectations

The 17km track Addis Ababa tramway is $475 million (1.8 billion birr) in the hole.

White Elephant? TPLF has installed a USD $475 million (1.8 billion birr), 17km, two-line light rail system in the Potemkin village of Addis Ababa that barely functional. Instead of de-congesting, it made the traffic jam even worse.


The Addis Ababa tramway is one of the few examples of urban public transport infrastructure in a continent where public transport system is severally constrained.

But 14 months after it was inaugurated, the tramway is struggling to match user expectations.

Problems with the design of the route, abnormally fast wear and tear resulting in breakdowns and delays has not unblocked the streets of the Ethiopian capital. Continue reading Ethiopia’s $475m Tramway Struggles to Match Expectations