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Eritrea: “Reader Discretion Advised”

how the mainstream media seemed to have found itself in a quandary
While the Tour de France presented another opportunity to learn about Eritrea and its people, there were the unscrupulous that wanted to present this event as an anomaly in the country. This is how the mainstream media seemed to have found itself in a quandary. How could the Eritrea that it had defamed and misrepresented in its narratives produce athletes of such caliber?

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

The war for Eritrea’s independence produced a large Eritrean Diaspora which has recently also seen the addition of new migrants, who are finding their niche in the various communities, eking out a living for themselves, and trying to support families in the homeland. This large, tight-knit Diaspora population has very strong links with Eritrea and over the years, has watched as many well-meaning, and some ill-intentioned and ill-advised individuals and groups, presumed to define them, and worse, try to build a wedge between them and their country of origin, Eritrea. The assault on the Eritrean Diaspora and by extension, its compatriots inside Eritrea, was multi-pronged and the mainstream media played a huge role in the effort to destabilize Eritrea, exposing media fault lines in journalism ethics, especially when the subject was Eritrea. Continue reading Eritrea: “Reader Discretion Advised”