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In Ethiopia, Disinformation Spreads Via Facebook Live as Political Tensions Rise

Online conspiracy theories, political rants, disinformation and rumors shape current Ethiopian political discourse using social media network such as Facebook.
Online conspiracy theories, political rants and rumors shape current discourse.


On July 18, two Ethiopian protest groups clashed in front of the Ethiopian embassy in Washington, DC, as Ethiopia’s tense national politics spread to its diasporas. Protesters demonstrated their opposition to the current government, waving flags missing the characteristic yellow pentagram, a symbol of Ethiopia’s collective national identity. Continue reading In Ethiopia, Disinformation Spreads Via Facebook Live as Political Tensions Rise

Mediation as a Not so Modern Concept …

Mediation as a not so modern Concept in Developing Countries Vs. Judges see the inherent value of Mediation in a modern legal system

By Ruby Sandhu,

Returning recently from Asmara, Eritrea in the Horn of Africa, I met with mediators from the impressive grassroots community courts from the six Zoba regions in Eritrea, individuals equal in gender and spanning a generation.

Eritrea, a country that is consistently referred to as a despotic regime, one without the Rule of Law, labels that we conveniently shoot from the hip to undermine sovereign states without understanding their context and importantly the implications of our actions. A tick box approach to international law and at worst an agenda for the instrumentalisation of human rights, that is using the good work of genuine activists who bring to our attention human rights violations, to consciously or unconsciously illicit the agendas of interested entities premised on geopolitics, self interest or exploitation of natural resources.  Continue reading Mediation as a Not so Modern Concept …