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Eritrea at 24: Proving All Naysayers Wrong

Eritrea is good in proving naysayers wrong
AGAINST ALL ODDS. “Thirty years ago most observers doubted that Eritrea would even win its war for independence. Who is to say that Eritrea will not again surprise [the naysayers] as it seeks to liberate itself from poverty?” – FT
By Dawit Gebremichael Habte,

ERITREA is good in proving naysayers wrong. The list of naysayers and their prophecy of doom is long but it suffices to quote a couple from history.

Stephen Longrigg, the notorious Chief British Military Administrator of Eritrea (1942-1944), concluded his book on the “history” of Eritrea with these words: Continue reading Eritrea at 24: Proving All Naysayers Wrong

Eritrea: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Eritrea and its people have developed a distinct ability to turn challenges into opportunities. If it was not for this Eritrean ethos of survival by turning challenges into opportunities, Eritrea by now would have been a failed states or potential failed states like its neighbors to the south, west and east.

By Anbe Berhane,

ERITREA is about to celebrate its 24th birthday. This is a country that has come about and is protecting its being against all odds. Prior to and after achieving its independence, Eritrea has had to face so many challenges, some of which were directly related to its very survival as a nation.

Neighboring Ethiopia’s acts of aggression and illegal occupation of its sovereign territory, UN sanctions imposed based on false charges; Ethiopia’s refusal for the past 13 years to fully implement the final-and-binding verdict by a panel of international jurists relating to the Ethio-Eritrean border; and, of course, the various measures of arms embargo taken against Eritrea by certain countries unilaterally and multi-laterally are examples of some of the major challenges that the relatively young African nation has had to face and is still facing.  Continue reading Eritrea: Turning Challenges into Opportunities