Sudan to Supply Power and Fuel to Eritrea

Enhanced bilateral cooperation and regional issues are President Afwerki's agenda during his 3 days state visit to Sudan
Enhanced bilateral cooperation and regional issues are on the agenda

By TesfaNews,

Citing a Sudanese Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SUNA reported on Friday that Sudan agreed to supply neighbouring Eritrea with electricity and fuel.

State Minister Mohammed Obeid Allah reportedly said a joint meeting between President Al-Bashir and his visiting counterpart President Afwerki discussed and agreed on on a number of joint economic and security projects particularly on  linking Eritrea with electricity supply besides the possibility of providing Eritrea with fuel.

The announcement came during the second day of the official visit to Khartoum by Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki. 

The President also visited a number of economic establishments in Sudan among which the Sudan Currency Printing company, Gold refinery and El-Jaili Oil Refinery.

Engineer Saleh Abdullah Abushek, acting Director of Operation and Maintenance at the Sudanese Electricity Transmission Company, in a statement to SUNA said, locating towers and civil works have already started on the 45-kilometer line between eastern Sudan’s Kassala state and Eritrean border town of Teseney with an initial 66KV capacity.

This is part of the 340-kilometer, 220KV, double circuit power transmission project that the two countries planed to commence in the coming years.

Meanwhile, First Vice President, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh met with visiting Eritrean President where the two sides discussed the bilateral relations between the two nations and its support for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

During President Afwerki’s delegation visit to the Sudan Currency Printing Company, he was received by the Minister of Finance, Minister of Water Resources, Governor of Central Bank of Sudan and the company’s Board of Directors and General Manager.

It was reached into agreement that the company will provide the Eritrean government and particularly the Central Bank of Eritrea with all the technical support and experiences it needs in the field. Currently Eritrean currency printed in Germany by Giesecke & Devrient.

The Eritrean delegation working visit to the Sudan is expected to end on Saturday.

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  1. .
    President Isaias visits Oil Refinery in Republic of Sudan

    Asmara, 10 May 2014 – President Isaias Afwerki today visited Oil Refinery in the Republic of Sudan in continuation of his visit to various economic establishments in the country.

    In the course of the visit to the plant located in Al-Jeili, north of Khartoum city, the President was escorted by the Federal Minister of Electricity and Dams of the country, as well as Mr. Muetez Mussa, engineer, and was accorded briefings regarding its operation by experts and managers.

    It is to be recalled that President Isaias visited currency and documents printing center, as well as a gold processing plant.

    The media outlets of the Republic of Sudan have been giving extensive coverage to President Isaias’ visit since last Thursday and the meetings he conducted with President Omar Al-Beshir. Accordingly, the visit is due to have further impact as regards fostering bilateral ties and relations of cooperation between the two countries.

    President Isaias returned home today concluding the 3-day working visit to the Republic of Sudan.

    1. Sudan trying to maintain a balanced relationship between Eritrea and its
      trigger jealous eastern neighbour Ethiopia. It just released this make up news in case the PIA visit and cooperation agreements erks them … LOL

      Sudan Calls for Economic Integration with Ethiopia

      Minister of Investment has said that the environment is now conducive for establishing good economic relations between Sudan and Ethiopia.

      Speaking yesterday at Sudan-Ethiopia forum, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail said if civil society organizations are activated they would undertake greater role than official bodies.

      The policy of the state requires the private sector to take over 70% of the economic activity, he said, adding that relations between Sudan and Ethiopia have grown through popular efforts, forcing official organs to follow suit and overcome all obstacles in the way to their progress.

      The minister has called for integration in relations between the two countries, adding that Ethiopia possesses water sources and Sudan has vast and fertile lands.

      There are 723 Sudanese investment projects in Ethiopia, he said, calling for removal of all obstacles hindering progress of trade between the two countries.

      Relations between the two countries are special and they are supported by the leaderships in the two countries, said commercial attaché of the Embassy of Ethiopia in Sudan. After 2000, more than 50 trade agreements have been signed between the two countries, he said. Sudan is on top of Ethiopia’s priorities in terms of economic relations, he added.

  2. እዋይ ፀገም!! ኣቱም ለመንቲ ሻዕቢያ ሎምስ ትሰርሕዎ ጠፊኡኩምስ ሓዊ ካብ ጐረበት ምልማን ጀሚርኩም? ወያ WHO ዝሰርሓትልኩም ሒርጊጎ'ኸ? ሰይጣን ይሓርግግኩም:: በሉ እስቲ ይትኮቡልኩም ዝትኮብ እንተሃልዩስ:: ቢያ ሸዓቢያ…..

    1. Mr. Hazemo,
      I respect your opinion however, this is bilateral cooperation done between two neighbor countries.. Moreover,some thing that you really need to understand, nothing comes for free. (We are not begging !!!! ). We are negotiating to get what is important for our country!

      1. Mr hazamo i am just let you know economic co-operation is normal between countries regardless thier geo-location do you know canada sell electricity to US does it mean US is begging canada just eg.about begging is that your first word you learn when u r a baby and please don't used hazemo use your name or any other name because i know hazem,hazemo people they r very nationalist,humble, carring, respected, nice and inteligent people please don't use hazemo for your stupid comment .

    2. Aye Weyenti!

      lomis kia nztekubelkum lemanay ilkum txerfu alekhum? emo kia bnay lemena shim tetekimka ikha txaref zelekha Agame igum belu may setikhum gah belu do knblekum…derfi kdem. Eti Hazemo lemlem meriet Ertra dia amel keyterf diu telekihkayo/leminkayo? Wala kamti zgebetkumo meriet amharu Gonder/Humora gele ilka ke zeytitkem anta komal agame.
      Aye agame…identity crisis agatimukin ay nab Ertra ay nab Amhara konkin terifkn, ab nay Oromo hko teletifkn ktmkihas ayehfreknndo?

    3. Oh I forgot, begging is not in our blood. I am not sure where you from but, begging belongs to beloved neighbors. This is reality. ERITREANS, ARE HARD WORKING, THRUSTWORTHY , HONEST AND VERY VERY LOYAL people. So get the message.

    4. አንታ ሃዘሞ…ንሻዕቢያስ ለማኒት ክትብላ፣ እምበርዶ መንነትካን ታሪኽካን አጸብቕካ ትፈልጦ ኢኻ*….
      በል ተገንዘብ፣ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ማለት ሻዕቢያ ቐዳማይ ጸላኢኡ "ምልማን" እዩ፤ ውዒሉ ሓዲሩ ኽዓ ነዛ እዋናዊት ግብረእከያት
      ዝኾነት ሽግሩ ብጥበብን ስራሕን ክምክታ'ዩ !! ኤርትራ ክትንብርከኽ'ያ ኢልካ አይትሕለም፣ አይትጸበ…

      ቢያ ሻዕቢያ አይኮነን ዝበሃል፣ ቪቫ ሻዕቢያ እዩ ኤቲ እሩም አበሃህላ…..

  3. Sudan, Eritrea step up economic cooperation
    KHARTOUM, May 10 (Xinhua) — Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki on Saturday concluded a three-day visit to Sudan during which he held talks with his Sudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir on issues of mutual concern.

    “I have come here to follow up a number of issues that concern our two countries,” Afwerki told reporters at Khartoum airport upon departure back to Eritrea.

    On Thursday presidents al-Bashir and Afwerki discussed the necessary steps to provide Eritrea with electricity and oil derivatives from Sudan.

    Salih Abdalla, director of the Operation Department of Sudan’s Electricity Corporation, said that the corporation has actually started implementation of the two presidents’ directives with regard to the electric linkage between Sudan and Eritrea.

    He added that the Eritrean president’s visit would boost economic cooperation between the two countries in addition to the cooperation in fields of joint programs and capacity building.

  4. Anyone who have the best interest of Eritrea in his heart would take such developments serious and be thankful. The rest of the noise comes from those who get screwed everytime good comes to the Eritrean people and we call them 'our eternal enemies'. ARE YOU?

  5. I am hoping this deal is not going to end like those that doesn’t' materialize. For Sudan it is a great new market

  6. I agree with you brother. Opportunity of such kind doesnt happen always and Eritrean business men and women who have the experience to do business in Sudan and South Sudan may seize this opportunity and turn Kassala and Tesseney the new market place to do business. Kassala is going to be the new Juba to Eritreans. Mark my word. In fact with the uncertainty in South Sudan, I feel that Eritreans will test the waters of this new business opportunity. Whatever it is, it is to the benefit of our country and it has everyones full support. God/Allah bless the people of Eritrea and Sudan

  7. Well, we should be happy that Eritrea gets more electricity even if it means indirectly from Ethiopia. I guess it is free market and the Sudanese have the right to re-sell the electricity they get from Ethiopia to anyone whether for free or for profit.

    1. There is nothing called free lunch. If Eritrea gets Ethiopian electricity (indirectly) it doesn’t mean that it’s for FREE. Eritrea would pay value for money towards the electricity.

      Hey, Who cares if Ethiopia gets Eritrean (iodized) slats or fish indirectly as long as it pays its hard earned money? It is that simple folks.

      1. That is well said, TesfaNews. We agree on that one. Beyond the mere availability of availability of electricity for development in the various countries of the Horn of Africa, I think what is even more important is the potential of Nile for peace in the region. With the creation of interdependence among Horn countries due to need for electric power,oil, etc countries become tamed and more understanding of each others need and pursue a collective goal than the destruction of one over the other. The collective goal among Horn countries for peace and development will initially isolate Egypt but it will eventually join the greater whole for collective peace and mutual development. In that sense, it is indeed a great move that Sudan and Eritrea agree to transact on electric power.

      2. hahaha! aye enda TesfaNews!
        Is that all you can say, after 23 yrs of Eritrean stratospheric development?! exporting iodized salt on the back of a donkey and couple of smelly fish on the hook. kemzi'a ayre'anan , yibelo shah shah eyu ember !
        yigerim! eta melhaskum's zeytimewut.

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