Sudan and Ethiopia Sign Security Cooperation Agreement

Security Cooperation
MOU between Sudan and Ethiopia signed to enhance joint security and military cooperation to fight “anti-peace” elements.

By Sudan Tribune,

Sudan and Ethiopia Saturday have signed in Addis Ababa a memorandum of understanding providing to enhance joint security and military cooperation between the two neighbouring countries to fight terrorism.

The signing ceremony took place on the sidelines of the meetings of the Joint Ethiopian Sudanese Higher Military Committee chaired by Sudan Defence Awad bin Auf and his Ethiopian counterpart Siraj Fegessa.

The agreement was signed by the head of the General Staff of the Sudanese army Lt. Gen. Imad al-Din Adawi and his Ethiopian counterpart, General Samora Mohamed Younis.

The Sudanese defence minister reiterated the importance of military and security cooperation between the two countries “to counter terrorism in all its forms”.

“The signed memorandum of understanding provides to secure the borders, the exchange of criminals, and prevent any hostile activity to the two countries, especially from the anti-peace groups,” he said in statements reported by the Ethiopian TV after the signing ceremony.

The terms “anti-peace” and “terrorism” are used in the two countries to describe rebel groups.

From his side, Minister Fegessa stressed the desire of the two countries to work together to combat terrorist activities on the common border.

“The two countries also stressed the need to develop the capacity of the joint defence forces,” he said, adding that Khartoum and Addis Ababa were able to stop cross-border crimes through coordination and cooperation.

Last March during the 14th meeting of the joint Sudanese Ethiopian technical committee in Khartoum, Sudan proposed to deploy joint border units on the border between the two countries.

26 thoughts on “Sudan and Ethiopia Sign Security Cooperation Agreement

  1. LOL, Security?
    It must be to protect the people of Sudan from Woyane terrorist entering Sudanese villages, the same way you see in the picture where President Bashir is being protected from woyane’s HaileMariam by the Man sitting behind the two presidents.

  2. we can expect isaias to visit khartoum soon. he respects people who disrespect him. that’s what he did when bashir helped in the transfer of demhit. he sent yemane gebreab and eritv was saying we have wonderful relation with sudan blah, blah….

    1. Yen:

      Weyane is panicking and paranoid about being attacked from all Fronts.
      Case in point,Eritrea can handle the Sudan or Beshir easily….and Al Beshir will pay the price if he does NOT behave well towards Eritrea.
      Do not forget that Egypt and Saudi Arabia along with its GCC Gang are behind Eritrea.
      It is PR Gimmick.
      Saudi Arabia can easily make the Sudan to stab Weyenti from behind–as it did it with Iran for few $million or a $billion..
      S Arabia is investing more than $15 Billion in the Sudan and Qatar has planned to do so for more than $20 Billion over the next 15 years.

        1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          It’s better than being with Woyane-Tigray. At list we can expect a stabbing from the Arabs. After all it’s just business. U know kinda like what ur beloved Woyane-Tigray is doing with the West. Or are u aying that, doing business with Arabs makes u Arab?? So does that mean doing business with the West makes u white?? ????

          And the Arabs are also doing business with ur beloved Woyane-Tigray. Hmmm so does that mean ur a hybrid?? LOL.. ????????

          And yes, President Bashir is just playing the game to get what he want, and that is more land without breaking a sweat. U know like the Amhara land [Al-Fashaga] Woyane gave. I guess that means all Ethiopian live on borrowed land?! Smh ????

          And yea, President Bashir the good-boy of the Arabs, to make it short==>> the hand that feeds u controls u!! ???? u know what am saying?! ????????????

    2. childish comes to mind. You are just a dreamer another sintiku….what makes you think this will be an issue for Eritrea? pls enlighten us.

  3. Beshir claims that part of western Gondar is his. In fact, Woyane had surrendered a huge swath of land to the Sudan three years ago. Beshir wants more land and Woyane is ready again to yield.

    Tell to sell “security” to the Ethiopians and you will hear earful!

    1. HABEN,
      You are right. Woyane asking security agreement usually means,
      ” Woyane will give Sudan Ethiopian land provided Sudan sides with Woyane against Eritrea.”

      1. Exactly!! Woyane won’t even blink to sell land in exchange for political mileage. There is a better term to disciple such a behavior but I hold back for now as minors might be reading ☺

    2. This signing agreement with Sudan won’t save Weyane from its demise. He better listen and sign “power to the people” agreement with the angry and determined Ethiopian people. On top of that it should vacate Eritrea’s land with no if and but. Otherwise its burial land is in the making.

      1. Agreed!!
        No matter how many “agreements” Woyane signs, unless it is with the majority of Ethiopians, everything else is a joke. The majority of Ethiopians want Woyane to surrender power to the rightful owners. Woyane must listen and spare the entire Horn from mayhem. Neither Bashir nor Kiir could safe them, it is far beyond them.

  4. TN may want to think about publishing Sudan Tribune articles. Someone stated that Sudan Tribune is not Sudanise based rather Ethiopian owned website based in Europe. It all made sense now since ST seems to report all kind of crazy stores that only the Woyena tugs care about. In my opinion, publishing ST articles would only add credence to ST.

    1. I agree! ST may not be owned by Weyane, but it surely keeps on writing usually unsubstantiated “stories”, which makes you wonder if they may even be concocted stories!

  5. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    Security cooperation agreement with Bashir.. LOL. ????????????????????????????

    President Bashir is the good-boy of the Arabs.. meaning =>the hand that feeds u controls u. So his harmless to Eritrea.. And yes he is taking advantage of Woyane’s paranoia. Remember the Amhara land [Al-Fashaga] saga LOL ????????. They gave that huge land out of fear of Egypt. I gotta say Egypt is the lucky charm of Sudan. ????????????

  6. I am actually surprised to see this on TN, great job. The world might not notice it but history was made between these two nations. There will never be rebel groups planning any attack or criminals crossing borders so long as Ethiopia is there. We have our own uncle in the north but the noose has been tightening each day, OLF and Gim7 might want to consider using their passports to leave while its doable. Advance notice.

    1. where are my pilots? I want to hear from them. I want to watch the interview and see the photos you promised us a few days ago. You owe us. Please make good on your promise.

    2. Are you serious? Weyane’s hand is full more than he can handle. Opening any front against anyone is suicidal. Slowly but surely Weyane is on its way to demise. A government who has no support of the people has no ዕምሪ። The people of Ethiopia is not going to be deceived by Weyane anymore. He knows who is their number one enemy is – Weyane. In any event please spare us from your daily bla-bla. Try to face the facts in the Weyane land.

    3. speaking of surprised, TN hasn’t discovered the news about AP retracting the news about the plane defecting to Ethiopia. TN will find that tomorrow and will make a big fuss about it lol

  7. Ethiopia and Sudan had once teamed up against Eritrea together with Yemen. They call that insignificant alliance ‘the Senna Forum’. Soon, Yemen become worthless due to its internal rebellion, and Sudan fall at the mercy of Eritrea when Darfur and Eastern Sudan rebels threaten to unsit Al-Bashir by cutting off the Khartoum – Port Sudan line for several days. Sudan abandons the alliance and form good relation with Eritrea, leaving the beggar state Ethiopia to deal Eritrea by itself.

    But all these happens after Sudan inflicted the greatest damage upon Eritrea and that is by allowing Ethiopia to use its territory during the last Badme war and that is when the Ethiopian army attacked Badme from behind and front. We all know what happened after that. That’s why we need to look beyond the headlines. and I thank TN for keeping us posted on such related developments in the region. Bravo. Keep it up. Be Vigilant deki Ere.

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