Sudan Courts Deport Dozens of Illegal Eritrean Migrants

Eritrean migrants deported back
Eritrean migrants sit at the Wadi Sherifay camp on May 2, 2017, after being caught by Sudanese border security illegally crossing the Eritrea-Sudan border in the eastern Kassala state.


Sudanese courts deported 104 Eritrean refugees in August, and sentenced others to imprisonment for their ‘illegal infiltration into the Sudanese territory’. A group of refugees was detained on their way to Libya more than a month ago.

Forty-four of the 104 Eritreans deported by courts in Khartoum and Kassala were women, sources informed Radio Dabanga. Another 43 people remain in Omdurman, awaiting trial.

Reports stated that in August, the East El Jareif court decided to deport 38 Eritrean refugees including 9 women back to Eritrea. A security force detained the group of refugees on its way to Libya more than one month ago, and held them in the prison in Omdurman before they were brought to trial on 24 August.

On Tuesday 29 August, the Sudanese authorities deported another 30 Eritreans to their country following a ruling issued by the Kassala city court the day before. Besides 36 Eritreans were sentenced to two months in prison for illegal infiltration into the Sudanese territory.

The 66 Eritreans were arrested by a Sudanese military force in early July, during a raid on a site for smugglers at Wed Baow Forest of Wedel Hihlio locality. The group, including 35 women, were then sent to Kassala prison.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga, the confidential source explained that the court did not allow these refugees any lawyers to defend their case. The passports of the deportees were handed over to the Eritrean authorities at El Laffa border crossing last week.

30 Children

The source said that 30 Eritrean children who were deported from Kassala, were brought to the passport police. They returned to Eritrea through El Laffa crossing, on the second day after the ruling.

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The remaining 36 refugees will be deported after serving a prison term, which starts from the date they entered prison on 16 July, until mid-September.

Legal activists have condemned the refugee and asylum-seekers’ trial by the Passport Act rather than the Refugee Law, that guarantees the rights of refugees. They called on the United Nations’ Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to intervene urgently to stop the mass deportations.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking gangs in eastern Sudan have freed 22 Eritrean refugees, including three girls, who were kidnapped in mid-August after reportedly receiving a ransom ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 per person.

Human trafficking is a perennial problem in the area, but residents of Red Sea state in eastern Sudan last week reported an increase in crimes concerning refugees and asylum seekers, including kidnappings, in the region.

According to the UN Refugee agency (UNHCR), Sudan is one of the main transit countries of eastern Africans who want to travel to Europe by sea. Funding by the European Commission to the Sudanese government earlier this year, to be implemented under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, contains a development aid package of €155 million, “to tackle the root causes of irregular migration in the country” and “improve migration management processes”.

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  1. These are the lucky ones. They are returned home safe and sound only couldn’t achieve their European dream life. At least they are alive unlike the hundreds before them who drowned or raped and tortured by criminal trafficking gangsters. So their deportation has to be celebrated, not the other way round.

    1. That’s the first time you said anything sensible in a long time, keep it up. After they got deported, did all of them turn out to be Eritreans? I thought we had to send a plane to Asmera, since “most would be Ethiopians”. Lol Thank God they made it back, this is only 100 but when you are ready to claim the rest from Tigray, we are ready.

      1. Wow, I can’t believe it. Did Uncle Sam stop funding the criminal Enterprise TPLF was undertaking to lure Eritreans to the empty American dream? You see, before you know it, you would be used and discarded by your masters like the Ba’ath party of the middle east. Karma is a bitch.

        1. How long should you bet on West not partnering with us? Even if they stop helping us creating jobs for our cousins, God bless China. The question you should be asking however, what would happen when the mafia is gone? Are you guys going to claim them or call them names like you have been doing? We shall see.

        2. Hafash
          This Hatela tigray Ballance, Sentiko et al is the most confused of all MLLT zombies who troll here every single day. He has a documented predicament in understanding issues of some sort of intricacy. He is a zombie a leaving dead who have lost all his common sense if he had any at all. It is better to feed him his cherished word: Yireaka

      2. in case you missed out today’s VOA news, it goes like this ….

        Rights Group Urges Saudis Not to Expel [500,000] Ethiopians

        (5 Sep 2017) – Human Rights Watch is urging the Saudi government to halt its plan to expel hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian immigrants who missed a late August deadline to register or face deportation.

        Felix Horne, HRW’s senior researcher for the Horn of Africa, says the immigrants have a legitimate concern of being imprisoned or worse if they return to their home country.

        “They say that they will be killed, arrested and tortured by the government they fled from,” Horne told VOA’s Horn of Africa Service. “If you are an individual who is fleeing [a] repression system, scared to return to the country of origin, you would be entitled to international protection,” he says.

        An estimated 400,000 – 500,000 Ethiopians currently reside in Saudi Arabia illegally, only a fraction of whom have registered their presence with the government.

        keep reading ….

      3. the crimes of your dead Dear Leader Meles Chenawi …. in case you don’t know about it yet

        Ethiopia’s late Prime Minister, in Muammar Gaddafi’s Assasination, as recounted by Bruno Le Maire, a former French Minister in the government of Nicolas Sarkozy in his book «Jours de Pouvoir» (The Days of Power). Le Maire makes an interesting revelation about a conversation he had with Meles Zenawi in Addis Abeba. It should be noted that Meles at that time was representing Africa at the Climate Change Conference, commonly known as the Copenhagen Summit.

        English translation of this conversation from Bruno Le Maire’s book reads as follows (French original follows below that):

        ——– Englis Translation ——

        Thursday, April 21, 2011: [Meles Zenawi] spoke to me about Libya and Gaddafi, twisting his goatee beard, with his eyes twinkling and amused.

        “You know, we have a saying in Ethiopia that one should never catch the tail of a tiger.”

        He coughed putting his little hand before his mouth — the hands which overthrew Mengistu:

        “You caught a ferocious tiger named Gaddafi. You should not let him live. You must kill him. This is the only solution. You should not let him live. You must kill him. You need to finish the job. People are scared of him. People are afraid of Gaddafi. Unless he is dead and they can touch his body, unless he is six feet under, they will not believe he is dead. There are very few people who support him in Africa: less than the five fingers of my right hand. But all others are scared of him. So we should do the job up to the end: kill him. Kill Gaddafi.”

        At the end of the meeting, he escorted me to the door and whispered to me:

        “Please convey my best wishes to President Nicolas Sarkozy. He is a great man. You know, he is my friend.”

        —— French original ——-

        Jeudi 21 avril 2011: Il me parle de la Libye et de Kadhafi, en vrillant sa barbiche, le regard amusé et brillant:

        «Vous savez, nous avons l’habitude de dire en Ethiopie: il ne faut jamais attraper la queue d’un tigre».

        Il toussote en mettant devant la bouche, sa petite main, qui a renversé Menguistu:

        «Vous avez attrapé un tigre féroce, nommé Kadhafi. Vous ne devriez pas le laisser vivre. Vous devez le tuer. C’est la seule solution. Vous ne devriez pas le laisser vivre. Vous devez le tuer. Vous devez terminer le travail. Les gens le craignent. Les gens ont peur de Kadhafi. À moins qu’il soit mort et qu’ils peuvent toucher son corps, à moins qu’il ne soit six pieds sous terre, ils ne croiront pas qu’il est mort. Il y a très peu de personnes qui le soutiennent en Afrique: moins que les cinq doigts de ma main droite. Mais tous les autres le craignent. Donc, nous allons faire le travail jusqu’à la fin: le tuer. Tuer Kadhafi.»

        A la fin de l’entretien, il me raccompagne en me glissant:

        «S’il vous plaît veuillez transmettre mes meilleures salutations au président Nicolas Sarkozy. C’est un grand homme. Vous savez, c’est mon ami. »

        (courtesy of Elias Amare, Information and translation courtesy of Mr Bereket Ghebretinsae)

        1. Why is that news to you? Most of my people were never shy from how we felt about that want to be black when it’s convenient idiot, yes glad he is dead and gone. Didn’t he fund Jebeha, not cuz he believed in it but make Ethiopia weak was his goal. Didn’t he support Somalia in 1977 just cuz Muslim nation vs “christians”, didn’t he tried to get AU from us cuz we were “poor”. The list goes on but the crazy part, all what he cooked for us happened in his home, tell me Axum isn’t watching over us? RIP the true Africa. Leader Meles Zenawi!

        2. Meles the Chiwawa also asked the US to kill President Hassan Al-Bashir of Sudan, according to Wikileaks in January 30, 2009 note released by Wikileaks. Thank God the Chiwawa is buried 12 feet under.

          1. Adal
            No it was 3 feet under he was a too short so it was enough to dig only 3 feet ( half of what is considered to be standard ).

          2. No, only 4 ft. under. Normal people get 6 ft. cover. But “Chiwawas” need less cover.
            I just read now Alem had suggested already (5 hrs ago) 3 ft. under. Therefore, I go with 3 ft.

        3. TN
          What can one expect from a man with no self respect and self confidence typical beggar mentality. I am not surprised with his crocked attitude “…… He is a great man. You know, he is my friend.”

      4. ata ataklti ewey jahra! ata hasas hifir ebab bel!
        Hundreds of thousndas of tegaru, forget the oromis and the ahmaras the number is mind bogeling, are spread over somaly yemen and KSA by foot and boat….your cousines used Eritrean names in those camps and thousands are in US Canada until red crosd put a stop to it and Eritreans rioted and guess what you gunned down refugees in a broad day light….thus is the tip of the iceberg as they say time will tell. But ls go away your mabo jumbo has become boring

        1. How can you be so disconnected? Ask any family back in Asmera is they know people at Tigray, they should help you better understand it. We won’t send you a bill, don’t worry but at least learn to say thank you to Ethiopia, once. Geez

          1. No you should say thank you for the youth that came that way and created opportunities for your cousines. I have friends who are decent tegaru unlike your rubbish attitude they are reasonable. Lets say we agree on most things and agreed to remain disagreed on some things until such time either of us are proven wrong but time will tell.

            About Asmara i do not need to ask i go often and see for myself. It is not Geneva or London but Asmera and it will remain so. Of course Erittea has its own many many challenges which needs to overcome as any third world country and its going about it realy well and mind you with a neighbour like you who is hellbent to destroy it. did you say something about the color my eyes? hahhah puny man!

          1. I am glad you are listening to our songs and you are learning real Tigrigna for a change. Huzi’buzi leyblu! The song must be reminding you Arbe’Robue.. Where you used to harvest the cactus fruit.

  2. They all could have died in the sea and no one cares. Even the European countries already started procedure to deport Eritreans which none of want. They believe immigrants are the causes of the break up of European union, which is partly true. In the meantime if they don’t value their life, no one else will. what I don’t understand is, the children who are there, apparently their parents are looking for their children throughout the Eritrea.

  3. Thank God the government of Sudan finally weak up.I so thankful to God those young fellow return safe and sound before weyanni traffickers got them .Sudan’s government is the worst human trafficker B/s by not sending them back to Eritrea .

  4. A good start for Sudan but it won’t change much because Sudanese can be bribed easily ,the European union should solve the root cause of this issue that is vacating our land , lifting the sanctions and most importantly NOT GIVING AUTOMATIC ASYLUM TO SOMEONE WHICH CLAIMS TO BE ERITREAN rather than going around the issue, and giving millions to Sudan to try to contain immigration

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