Stop Financing Tyranny Like in Ethiopia: William Easterly

By TesfaNews,

WILLIAM EASTERLY is a renowned economist and best-selling author of  the book ” The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators and the Forgotten rights of the poor“.

In his latest interview with PBS talk show presenter Tavis Smiley, he  makes his case for a radical rethinking of approaches to global development. He brought the case of Ethiopia and its late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as an example of an absolute dictator and calling him a serial human right abuser. 

“Meles Zenawi was a tyrant who was not a promoter but a hurdle to development in Ethiopia. The late dictator killed demonstrators in the streets after rigged election, put journalists like Eskinder Nega behind bars. We should stop financing tyranny and repression”.

Stop Pampering the Ethiopian tyrants. It's a regime that feels threatened by bloggers in a country where internet penetration is 0.01%
Six members of the independent blogger and activist group ‘Zone 9’ arrested last week in a latest crackdown on opposition voices. Absured. A regime feels threatened by a bunch of bloggers, in a country with internet penetration of only 0.01%

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9 thoughts on “Stop Financing Tyranny Like in Ethiopia: William Easterly

  1. All neo liberals are complaining or talking about the others Country specially those of Africans if they denied to promote their entrust and we specially Ethiopia and Eritrea are their targets trough all kind of NGO.

  2. Yemane/Let's invest:

    The reason it is reported and the reason why we care is because we (Eritrea) are victims of the lawless and criminal woyanie, as well. Our sovereignty is violated and they are still sitting on Eritrean soil as we speak. Showing and reporting the lawlessness of this junta on other aspects, like the news above also helps to show what we are dealing with. A criminal is a criminal in everything it does. And besides, this is just reporting the truth, and is not like we are fabricating or something.

    Woyanie, on the other had uses any trick in this world to defame, demonize and condemn Eritrea, in all its capacity, which we know it lead to the unjust sanction. We are only showing the truth. They fabricate and lie.

    And, remember, this is news, that is all. And reporting news is the job of this Eritrean media

  3. That is what we normally do. We ask you nicely, we plead with you to abide by law, just like what we did with your fathers the stinky HSilassie and the brute Derg , they did not listen, then we whiped them nice and good. Your woyanie is also not listening to reason and to our pleading……

    You better tell your woyanie to abide by law. That is better for you

  4. You should also see on YouTube how CNN journalists were treated when they flew to Ethiopia for meles's funeral. No one trusts the woyane. The only reason the USA is putting up with Ethiopia is because they are willing to kill the Somalians for them which they couldn't do.

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