U.S. Suspends Issuance of ‘B Visas’ to Eritrean Nationals Over Deportation

The US has suspended issuance of B Visas to Eritrean national
ARM TWISTING. The US has suspended issuance of B1, B2 , and B1/B2 Visas to Eritrean nationals. It also limits B Visas to government officials of three other countries (Guinea, Sierra Leon and Cambodia) for failing to take back deported citizens from U.S.


The State Department has imposed visa sanctions against Eritrea and three other countries (Guinea, Sierra Leon and Cambodia) for failing to take back deported citizens from the U.S.

The U.S. Embassy in Asmara today announced that it will stop issuing business and tourism visas to citizens, subjects, nationals, and residents of Eritrea, with limited exceptions.

The Embassy statement states that the restriction are in accordance with Section 243(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The visa restrictions, however, do not affect other consular services provided in the Embassy.

Eritrea maintains a policy of voluntary repatriation of its nationals from any country and opposes any forced repatriation or expulsion.

In the West African nation of Guinea, a U.S. Embassy statement said the new restrictions on business, tourism and student visas affect only ‘government officials and immediate family members‘.

In Cambodia, restrictions on business and tourism visas will affect ‘foreign ministry officials‘ with the post of director-general and above, along with their families.

In Sierra Leone, restrictions on business and tourism visas will affect ‘foreign ministry and immigration officials‘. The West African nation is currently recovering from recent mudslides in the capital that killed several hundred people.

Nationals of Sierra Leone and Guinea had been considered an exception to deportation during the Ebola crisis and its aftermath. That temporary protection status expired in May of this year.

U.S. officials first discussed the visa restrictions last month. The Department of Homeland Security said it had recommended the State Department take action against four nations out of a dozen it considers recalcitrant.

The Secretary of State has already ordered consular officers in Eritrea, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Cambodia to implement visa restrictions effective September 13, 2017.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert confirmed the restrictions have been imposed in all four countries.

Other countries listed as being recalcitrant in accepting deportees from the U.S. include China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Iran, Burma, Morocco and South Sudan.

The State Department traditionally has been reluctant to impose visa sanctions because affected countries often retaliate through reciprocal restrictions on U.S. citizens and officials.

23 thoughts on “U.S. Suspends Issuance of ‘B Visas’ to Eritrean Nationals Over Deportation

  1. The Embassy should be closed completely. No need to stay open then. As far I am concerned the Embassy was closed long time ago. Those people left eritrea without proper documentation and Obama encouraged them to do exactly that. Why should we accept them now? Ask Obama to take them to Chicago . Long live shaebya beal metkel .

    1. Nohh:
      “The Embassy should be closed completely. No need to stay open then. As far I am concerned the Embassy was closed long time ago. Those people left Eritrea without proper documentation and Obama encouraged them to do exactly that. Why should we accept them now? Ask Obama to take them to Chicago . Long live Shaebya beal metkel”.

      B.Adal TesfaNews • 5 hours ago
      Oh! No!
      No visa,
      I guess Hamburger & with French Fries ???? Is out of the question (lol).

      On a serious note, I don’t even care if your staff evacuates completely from Eritrea & move to Miami. At least your immediate neighbors will appreciate it, as all your unnecessary & ugly barricades you have placed in Beautiful Asmara to “protect” your building will be removed.

      Hello US Embassy!!
      The people that desperately need your visa are already in USA, the ones you’re trying to deport forcefully. Let’s start issuing visa to the ones Obama promised “democracy” once they leave Eritrea.

    2. You hit the nail on the head, “…Obama encouraged them to do exactly that…Ask Obama to take them to Chicago.” To begin with it was their evil strategy to hurt Eritrea. They are the ones should be punished when it comes to human trafficking. They did everything they can young and old to abandon his/her country and families. Why now trying to deport them back home, and for what reason? Because their evil intention failed?

      1. Technically, Eritrea-US relations has improved a lot in the last 2/3 years. It did. In fact, this is why the so called “opposition group” have been howling and crying like dogs (See Sal Y tweets). Let’s remember that issuing visas is not the primary task of an embassy, is just a small part of their responsbility. Embassies are mainly set up to pass on infos “about important political, social, economical, military and other events happening in the host country.” For stupid reasons we know the US embassy stopped doing this KEY work b/n 2000 and 2012, but now they are doing just that. Guess what, their relations started to improve simply b/c US authorities likely have first hand info about Eritrea’s “political, social, economical, military and other events happening”.

        As for this visa restrictions, I don’t like it either… but it should have been obvious to us based on how Mr Trump campaigned. It’s a policy based on a very bad premise. We just keep reminding ourselves that this is NOT specific to Eritrea. As they say, Mis HizbeKa MeAt Darga GeAt

  2. The question to ask is ‘What’s the purpose of the USA in taking such steps against Eritrea now?’

    Does the USA actually believe Eritrea will CHANGE its Policy of Voluntary Repatriation ONLY; and allow the West to twist the arms of rejected asylum seekers of Eritrea and dump them in Eritrea? The answer is big NO. The USA
    knows, it has better chance of changing the stance of the Saudis in relation to Qatar than changing the course of Eritrea.

    Then what does the USA intend to achieve? Intimidation, bully on particular developing Nations who bravely refuse dictation and control by the West. This and similar act of aggression by the USA failed in many Nations including in Cuba; 50 years of embargo only emboldened the patriotism of Cubans and made them more self-reliant. The fact that the USA continued refusing to learn from its failed policy of the past speaks volumes to the ignorance by the USA to the plight of its victims due to its own actions and omission.

    Continue Eritrea; you’re in the right path as you’re the pride of so many Nations, including in Africa who desperately want to be FREE from such control and modern slavery by the West.

    “Freedom is not free” and proud Eritrea is paying the highest price for the highest value of Freedom.

    1. Freedom and self-reliance is young Eritreans risking their lives in deserts and seas to reach western countries? Freedom and self-reliance is a police state where one tyrant is ruler forever? Freedom and self-reliance is a country where the constitution has been abolished, just like the newspapers not fully owned by the government (Keste Debna fore example)? Freedom supporting the regime back home, but living like a true hypocrite in the west. Yos Dom, you are the typical regime supporter, who hates the west but prefers its welfare and loves the regime but prefers to not live under its failed leadership.

      1. “Freedom and self-reliance is young Eritreans risking their lives in deserts and seas to reach western countries? Freedom and self-reliance is a police state where one tyrant is ruler forever?”
        question: Who told them to leave their country? Ovama then? so why and what now? or is the say: “kezehleken b edken, ke wehyeken b manka?” No way..
        Aytetahamel mahnzeley, baelom bahalti, baelom hadegti baàl emerika dea kemey ilka nabana temasaselo?

      2. Most of your arguments including those in question marks are twisted versions of my statement (or comment); thus there is nothing for them but to disregard them.

        In respect of the “supporter” of the State of Eritrea; all proudly patriotic Eritreans “support” the leadership that made Eritrea’s Independence (and the achievements of post-Independence) a reality; (with acknowledgement that ALL governments including in first world, have shortcomings/failures. In fact many first world Nations have way more serious failures than that of the young Nation of Eritrea).

        Hence we Eritreans take pride in saying we are the supports of the Leadership; simply because the Leadership is true Supporter of Eritrean people, with a record of honest patriotism, humble incorruptible attitude and wise decision making to the best interest of Eritrean people (not only in the short term; but in the long term, for generations to come).

        With regard to your own terminology of “Hate”; if telling the truth makes those who don’t like the truth, hate the speaker/writer of the truth, who do you think is at fault? And while you’re at it, maybe you can tell us why you (Isaias) love the West (implicitly) unconditionally even when the West engages in colony/neo-colony, creating chaos and civil war of Developing Nations. And why do you think poor Nations including in Africa continued to live in unspeakable misery, under extreme poverty? Why not similar meaningful and modern life as that of Europe? Who do you think is doing what?

        But you don’t have to tell us you’re not Eritrean. We know already (Eritreans are capable of pinpointing the exact location of adversaries).

  3. They stopped business and tourist visa. Unbelievable, what about student visa? Still the agenda to make Eritrea weak on the table. How many business or tourist Eritrean travel to America? Please someone explain? I don’t see any change at all. They have never issued business or tourist visa from Eritrea. All they give immediate family invitation visa.

  4. Their enemosity is still forceful, as America has never accepted our Ind., and as long as the Zionists control the State Dept, they will forfeit anything tangible Eritrean.
    One thing though is why do they keep Asmera’s pseudo ‘US Embassy’ Buildings, with its expences running all these years, what do they use it for, perhaps something sinister (Espionage) is being cooked against our nation and beyond, rather than the ordinary Dimplomatic functions
    ብዝኾነ ፥ ‘ኣይነበረና ፡ ኣይጠፍኣና’ ፥ ሸጥ መዓንጣ !

  5. The agenda has been regime change for a long time. Sanction after sanction after sanction is probably meant to provoke or weaken Eritrea somehow. Totally unfair.

  6. PFDJ worshipers attacking America as usual. For a change, why don’t you think as to why pfdj is refusing to accept its citizens? In the entire world, it is pfdj and few other countries who are refusing to recognize and accept their citizens. Don’t you all get tired of always blaming others?
    It’s never PFDJ’s fault. Always others’ fault. Always. No exception.

    1. It’s a well-known fact that Western countries never return the cream of the crop migrants. They only return the drug addicts and criminals.

    2. You should be happy PFDJ refused the forceful return of “Eritrean” migrants. In fact, you should be demonstrating in front of the Trump’s state department for forcing migrants back the land of PFDJ or as you guys call it land of “No Democracy “. Whatever happen to helping you Eritrean migrants? Your time and effort will be better spent than harassing Eritrean singers who come from Eritrea to the west to entertain us.

  7. Sierra Leone accepts 27 deportees to escape U.S. visa sanctions

    Four countries were penned for fresh visa restrictions by the United States according to a State Department notice in August. Three from Africa – Guinea, Eritrea and Sierra Leone – the fourth was Cambodia.

    Sierra Leone has, however, moved to escape the sanctions after making a turnaround opting to accept its nationals due to be deported from the U.S.

    According to Umaru Fofana, a Reuters journalist in the country, the government had agreed to accept 27 of its citizens marked for deportation in a U-turn from an earlier position weeks back.

    He quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Emmanuel Turay, as confirming that the 27 deportees were going to be issued necessary documentation by the embassy oin Washington to facilitate their return within a 30-day period.

    Incidentally, the U.S. on September 13 officially notified Free Town of the visa restrictions that was to affect government officials . U.S. authorities have yet to respond to the latest position by the Sierra Leonean government.

    Communication imposing the visa regime were issued in respect of all four countries who are classified by Washington as being ‘recalcitrant nations.’ The term ‘recalcitrant nations,’ refers to countries that had refused to accept nationals who are due for deportation from the U.S.

    READ : https://www.africanews.com/2017/09/14/sierra-leone-accepts-27-deportees-to-escape-us-visa-sanctions/

  8. The government of Eritrea should hold fast with its principle that it accepts ONLY Eritreans that are voluntarily coming back home. Otherwise, the racists in those foreign countries will be encouraged to devise ways of getting rid of Eritreans against their will.

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